after several years of development, whether in financing scale or comprehensive ranking, at present, medical beauty O2O platform field has appeared several leader. According to TalkingData data show that the new oxygen, more beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Yue della top in the industry.

"our company has a registered capital of 100 thousand yuan. It often has no money. It gives the staff full pay, and then there is no money to pay the rent. The main way is basically."

Jobs, the 21 year old founder of Apple Corp, the two co founders of shlf1314 business when he was only 24 years old, Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg on New York’s NASDAQ Exchange in the global investors, to become the world’s most young entrepreneurship billionaire. Young people under the age of 30 are becoming a new force around the world.

now there are not many medical start-ups in the market, and there are only about a dozen of them. But because the medical beauty is a very vertical industry, and hospitals and doctors are the core of this industry, so the O2O platform is only a very small part of the medical cosmetology industry.


did not retire, but Xu Dechen in the 2012 annual meeting of entrepreneurs will be "under 30 years old upstart, young is power" discussion session, the speech frequently caused by the presence of people thinking.

, ‘after 90’ entrepreneurship, it’s time." Xu Dechen says.

, Xu Dechen and others founded in chat network is an online teaching network platform, providing English training and other professional courses services. Xu Dechen and other 10 members of the entrepreneurial team, the average age of 19 years. In Beijing Wudaokou Huaqing garden, they rented a set of 280 square meters duplex structure house, used as office space.

interface news reporter learned that the current medical beauty market, private institutions still occupy the dominant position, the lack of brand led to high cost of customers, traffic is the key to competition. Plastic surgery institutions marketing costs are very high, medical institutions profit 60%-70% flow to advertisers, and the emergence of the United States medical O2O platform for the United States and the United States institutions provide very good marketing channels.

today, like Xu Dechen is less than 30 years of age to start a business more and more young people, jumei’s founder and CEO Chen ou, cool disk CEO Gu Zhicheng, force the United States interactive advertising CEO Shu Yi, Meitu Xiu Xiu CEO Wu Xinhong, Xu Le CEO matrix game. These young people under 30 years of age, with their company and product gathered a large number of users, began to play the influence of entrepreneurs.

facelift is not new, followed by a surge in the size of the medical beauty industry.

IDG in the capital building led to beauty della investment in the last year, in the building that medical institutions in sh419 and traditional advertisers invest cost too much, and the emergence of the Internet platform to the traditional medical beauty mechanism provides a new flow channel.

age becomes the norm

to experience sharing, doctor-patient communication and discount electricity supplier mode exists medical beauty O2O, can effectively solve the problem of information asymmetry. The experience sharing of the users can present the real cases, alleviate the consumers’ fear of medical beauty, and help consumers make decisions. In addition, the professional doctor brings together and answers, can help consumers find the hospital and the doctor conveniently and quickly.


Vice president of


, like the public comment that cuts food out of sh419’s advertising system, will also cut ads for medical beauty agencies from the sh419 system." He said.

according to Societe Generale Securities issued at the beginning of the "medical industry market industry report" series shows that in 2014 China’s medical beauty market value reached 535 billion yuan, the average growth rate of more than 15% years in the industry’s growth, it is expected that in 2019 the medical beauty market scale will break through 1 trillion yuan.

although many people think that too young entrepreneurial team inexperienced, not reliable. But facts have proved that due to the Internet age, many young users and other reasons, in the Internet and mobile Internet and other emerging areas, young entrepreneurs have become a norm.

passion is very important for entrepreneurs. Maybe it’s not all, but it must be a very important part." Xu Dechen said, "I dare to give up the entrance exam, give up the opportunity to attend foreign universities, because I have confidence in my own business."."


cut sh419’s promotional cake,

Xu Dechen, co-founder of chat network, a year ago, he made the first important decision in life: to give up the college entrance examination and start the business.

in China medical beauty market, user level relatively young, 58% of users in 18-30 years old; entertainers is absolutely the main consumer, this part of the user can account for 54% of the total number of users, opinion leaders attitude stimulate medical cosmetology Chinese consumption to a great extent.

younger age into the normal business under 30 years of age entrepreneurs play

below is the current major start-up company on behalf of the United States medical platform:

"I know that in Beijing, the youngest entrepreneur is 16, and I’m 18 now, and I feel a lot of pressure."." Wearing a black suit with a red tie and hair spray. Deliberately mature face look jerky shape and contrast, and the words, is to let people hear a shock.

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