3, kids love smart

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

is well known, the poor Taobao customer’s life run, the vast majority of Taobao customers but still still silent trying, until some time ago 360 shopping assistant suddenly appeared, many Taobao customers began to stand up; although this is just a browser plugin, not even the default browser plug-in, only 360 of the hype is awesome as long as a few times, propaganda, the term Taobao customers may become history. As a result, Taobao to go off to the soft volley, just let the momentum was drowned. Shopping assistant. But even now, shopping assistant plugin does not disappear, many Amoy friends should understand, recently we continuously in the Amoy income drop! Some shopping assistant can not only make friends in taobao shopping rebate, also can let users in the list of Jingdong, dangdang mall website shopping rebate, simply is the ultimate weapon against CPS

! !

2, women love pretty

2. provides SEO services,

a lot of people contact Wangzhuan, have been those who have the ability to earn over a million people deeply attracted to, hope network money can bring them a thousand lives, from last year to now, has been for all the touted Wangzhuan is undoubtedly Taobao customer, I did the Taobao customer, the current status of Taobao customers just let us have to think deeply about

as for profits products, general products, products like: male female diseases, drugs, folk remedies, celebrity speeches and tutorial classes above products in recent years has been hot, around the core principle of them:


1. selling windfall products through SEO

is not only a shopping assistant turned out to destroy Taobao customer interests, we must continue to face sh419’s unpredictable guest algorithm, now the Tao can be described as bleak! However, the huge Internet market, there are also infinite business opportunities, we should look for other more awesome months earn million yuan below, introduce three kinds of self-help enclave enterprises can also make a lot of money earning mode:

4, old people love health

1, men love beauty

this way and a single page of Taobao passenger similar, but because a lot of profits of products and services not in Taobao, not Taobao operation with the guest, so we make their profits single page sales of some products or services. Than single page Taobao passengers form more profits, more money. And through such a model, you completely control their products, you do not worry about the so-called shopping assistant, but also do not worry about Ali’s mother may exist single black drop phenomenon!

5, businesses want to make money,

we can choose the products according to the above five principles.

, here is what I do is a local classification information station! Procedures on the use of Nanyang classified information that, it is estimated here webmaster all know!

Here we developed

I printed card 500 can print 5000 pieces, a total of up to now sent out about 20000, cost only 2000 dollars, but on the flow of the site has almost no what earn 20000 dollars fast.

is for companies to make sites and optimize keywords

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