Wangzhuan the crowd, I think Taobao customer nobody do not know it, since 07 years Alibaba launched at the end of Amoy, many owners have joined the ranks, there are also some people really earn money, but I think most people did not earn money. I know from last year and began to do guest, today is about a year, in this year, I from the website to do now absolutely ignorant of, more than 10 websites, really made great efforts, Amoy income also have small achievements, although it is not very ideal, but every month in the growth, I believe will be better, with a personal experience and the experience of friends to talk about now do some effective methods of Taobao customers:

, the establishment of a single page website promotion items is to choose some more commission, and sales of relatively popular Taobao single product promotion, promotion method mainly is SEO promotion, do long tail keywords products, and these words are key words with high quality, the basic flow is the directional flow, this kind of words, sh419 index is not many, the competition is not large, it is easy to do up, although the search, but this kind of word is the most real search demand for products, so the turnover rate will be relatively high, for example, now a lot of people do lose weight, such as whitening, these items the basic Commission in 20 or more, but also in taobao sales hot, easy transaction.

Remember that

after 2011 in the family had returned to Shanghai, after all, everyone in the family to work here in Shanghai, said the domestic Internet industry, Shanghai really is not Beijing’s Internet development level, among other things, take a little of the SEO industry, Beijing website optimization and promotion service company is too small the return to Shanghai later found here pay far below the income level of the same industry in Beijing, there was no way, this is good enough to do it, that can be heard, will try to do, the results is done for six months has not been good improvement, seeing some friends around the promotion big companies, wages are very good, my heart drop can borrow Li Bai that three thousand feet down the gap to describe it.

in the continuous efforts to work so I learned to insist, every time out from Xidan following the subway, would I expect to have a network of popular Xidan girl, but now she is not here, I think that since a subway station under the singer through his own efforts success, this shows that in Beijing as long as I work hard enough, there is always one day rise head and shoulders above others.

is the second half of 2011, some friends around to see Taobao days are very good, some friends have made a fortune, and two old classmates three people think you can make a try, this is my first venture in life, the results I do not have to say, we all guessed to fail in the end.

but the real life is so cruel, the pressure of work is great, the performance can not keep up with you, and your income naturally changes little. I often meet some friends who are a little bigger than myself. I find that they don’t have any differences with themselves, but they are better than my salary. A few K at that time, I really don’t want to understand.

I am a small master who has only a high school education background. I went to Beijing to work in 2010. While in Beijing, I studied the network promotion knowledge, has done logistics consignments, network promotion work, after opening a Taobao mall, of every hue work basically done or contact, here I will share my three years of work and entrepreneurial experience. The text may not be beautiful, but it is my three years as a real fight is the most common webmaster experience.

two, use happy net to do promotion. Young people, especially school students, a lot of fun people, so you can do guest promotion here, is to write and share to your friends, to join the clever advertising. Happy network to do with the premise that good friends should be enough, soft Wen to write well, I have a friend, he is happy in the network of friends, there are hundreds of thousands of, monthly income of over 10000, and see him doing more relaxed. Although in the happy network can not send a link, but most people are using short URL in doing, and then jump to the Taobao guest page. With happy nets to do, is to add more friends, in order to win.

2010, left school with dreams to come to Beijing, at the time that Beijing is a place full of hope, there are many large Internet Co, you can learn a lot of things, especially the Internet knowledge, I first do network promotion work started from Beijing, at that time I was in Beijing Xidan, every month with 3K salary, morning crowded subway, at night to eat 10 yuan a lunch, the day is so day after day, although I often feel very boring very difficult, but I still have a dream.

four, do navigation website promotion Taobao shop. Although the navigation station, not too good, but there are still a lot of Taobao passenger navigation station, such as the Taobao crown stores like the site, because inside the shop more, each have a basic classification, and the above shops are relatively good, so if the promotion of good.

three, using blog promotion. Now many blog can send guest links, although not the link, but there are still some people in a roundabout way, also is to use short URL to jump in Sina now few people do, in the NetEase blog do more people, it can also send a link, but must grasp this it is not good, also will be the title of the. My experience is the first blog to write other articles, such as blog to reach a certain level after the guest can send links, and the NetEase blog can be added to the group, wrote the article can be published to share inside the group.

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