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"government economy hotels have been around for a long time, but their numbers are very limited."." This is the industry’s Satyanarayana Vejella view, in 2011 he built a private hotel brand Aarusha. The hotel received support from the venture capital group Elevar Equity. "In the past four to five years, the informal housing market has been greatly explosive.". People have begun to notice that the market is huge."

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a few months ago, the 23 year old girl found a job in New Delhi – Rajya Sabha TV producer, with a monthly salary of 20000 rupees about 2000 yuan. However, the salary is not enough to support her renting a nice apartment in New Delhi. Compared to the previous time, when she worked in her hometown, she shared the same dorm with two other roommates, paying only 4772 rupees about 477 yuan per person per month.

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according to data released by UNESCO in 2013, nearly ten years in India, the country has about 92 million and 15 to 29 year old floating population. The development of emerging industries offers coveted jobs, and almost everyone faces the problem of renting when these migrants move into the new city.

, the overwhelming majority of the people living in the environment are not comfortable. Many people are crammed into unregulated and overcrowded rooms, and tenants have no independence in their lives. They were forced to abide by the landlord’s regulations on visitors, meals and curfew, and lacked the autonomy of life.

more than just my personal experience, and share with your webmaster, for reference only.

fortunately, the television station hired accommodation for staff in a few government hotels in delhi. But it’s also difficult to apply for the company’s housing benefits, and you need to fill in a lot of information and documentation.

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with the expansion of India’s economy, a group of emerging enterprises are rising in big cities. As a result, more and more new middle classes are moving to work and study in big cities. This must be accompanied by new accommodation demand — like drift driven Beijing rental market — which caused the entrepreneurs and investors interests.

when Gurpreet Kaur arrived in New Delhi from her hometown in central Pradesh, she felt almost desperate.

Landmark Capital Advisors is the international private equity funds and domestic Financial Services Company joint venture, this month will be launched in India 5 billion rupees $77 million of the fund to focus on college students in India rental market. It is understood that Goldman Sachs Bank of America is considering investment in integrated services enterprise Manipal, the creation of enterprises for more than 6000 students named after the Yoho brand housing.

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