editor’s note: Gao Rong capital will continue to invest in China’s early and growth projects in the field of TMT.

capital will continue to invest in China’s early and growth projects in the TMT field. The main areas of concern are: artificial intelligence, Internet plus Internet industry, business services, cultural entertainment and consumption upgrade.

to attract more entrepreneurs and group investors, the Chinese version of "Founders’ Fund" further upgrade

operators are "used" typical implementation, not without production, R & D, using others proposed the technology, production of others equipment to build a network, then lay charge fro the tolls in the web". In this way, the technical content of the operators of this industry is really not high, but in fact the core technology operators are integrated, this technology is the highest value of gold, the most valuable. Jishizixun CCW Research said: the special nature of the industry has a high demand for the operator’s ability to integrate different operators after all is decided by the integration ability.

integration is the essence of operators, this is decided from the outset, the operators use a variety of devices to integrate a service transmission platform, a resting-place. If the operator’s network quality problems, it means that his base network integration capability is poor.

operator is a link in the industrial chain, the most critical, so the integration of industrial chain of responsibility, mainly including the integration of the terminal manufacturers and SP. Customized mobile phones to terminal manufacturers, SP strike hard, strengthen their leading position in the industrial chain, to accelerate the transformation of integrated information service providers.

operators for the whole business, leading to the need for business integration but also because of this, the fixed network operators to the 3G license by mobile operators look at fiercely as a tiger does, mobile operator, broadband access and other services to test the water fixed network. The whole business can really provide a comprehensive communications solution, so that operators exclusive cake. In addition, if you can integrate more large-scale the same industry different customer’s business, with a large platform to meet the user "one-stop" demand, and also can increase customer stickiness, consolidate the dominant position of the operators in the industry. Such as Guangdong mobile government platform for the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC and the provincial units, a better place for users, and to achieve inter departmental information exchange, resource sharing.


arachnophilia, net wire is larger, thicker, more is not easy to be destroyed, the more capable of capturing more prey. Similarly, through the integration of resources to make the network bigger and stronger, but also allows operators to survive all kinds of storms, and achieve steady growth in revenue.

reportedly, the high banyan dollar fund III in the original investors, that has achieved substantial super raised, reflecting the original investors of Gao Rong actual performance and team strength recognized. At the same time, Rong Rong also accepted part of the new global top institutional investors contribution, including several famous university endowment fund, global Internet famous enterprise founder, family fund, the United States pension fund. Gao Rong capital founding partner Chang Chen said, "the high dollar fund for institutional investors III Fuzhou people $350 million Main Fund the main fund from the beginning of January of this year officially launched the fund-raising is completed, contains the Spring Festival holiday, after only a month." In March 31st, the $50 million fund for the management team and entrepreneur of the banyan complex III $Side Fund sub Fund was also successfully completed.

, the completion of the fund-raising created a record of China’s VC industry: high banyan capital has become the industry’s first, in the establishment of just three years, the fund raised management scale, that is, over 10 billion yuan venture capital institutions.


Gao Rong capital located in China ‘Founders Fund founder of the fund, the investors behind both the top global institutional investors, including the Internet, finance, agriculture, China retail, advertising, industrial manufacturing industry giants. At the same time, dozens of successful entrepreneurs such as sh419, Taobao, Tencent, and millet, 360, Focus Media, Sohu, Jingdong, vip, founder of enterprise potatoes, palm interested in science and technology, the U.S. group, public comment etc. is Gao Rong capital investors.

from left to right are: Gao Rong, capital founding partner, Chang Chen, Gao Xiang, Yue Bin

April 6th news, venture capital institutions Gao Rong capital announced the completion of the total amount of more than 5 billion yuan of two new funds raised, respectively, the high banyan capital dollar fund III and the RMB growth fund. The overall fund size of the 7 funds managed by Gao Rong is equivalent to about 11 billion yuan or about $1 billion 600 million.

the present banyan growth fund is the third renminbi fund managed by banyan capital. Many large enterprises in the Internet and traditional industries, as well as the top domestic financial institutions, have become the new investors of the banyan fund.

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