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benefits: income is relatively stable, the PR3 blog to sell 30 links, can receive more than 300 yuan of income, at least cost and space domain renewal solution.

benefits: the content of the article and the high degree of matching, easy to read visitors, click the unit price relative to the domestic advertising union price is relatively high, the settlement of $100 monthly. Recommended here industry blog placement GG advertising, such a higher click rate, there is a steady flow, you can get some income.


abuse: Chinese click on the unit price is low, blog traffic also has certain requirements, GG account application is difficult.

due to the growing membership of the union, the workload of commission examination and settlement is increasing. Therefore, the Union will adjust the monthly commission settlement date to 10 per month holidays, that is, the monthly number 10 holidays, the settlement of the last month of the Commission and send a settlement notice mail. Please correct your own bank account information to confirm in the month before the end of next month, in order to receive commissions. The Union will submit the Commission to the bank every month, and then sign the "paid" in the background. The owner can check the bank account within ten working days after he sees the "paid" status, and confirm whether the Commission is paid.

3: soft money;

disadvantages: long effect time.

disadvantages: sell links generally low PR value or direct to 0, which means that the next update, your PR may be cleared or dropped.

benefits: software prices generally higher, considerable income.

2: selling links;

this way of making money generally refers to the high value of the independent blog, according to the level of PR determine the price of text links.

More information on

blogs make money in the following ways:

4:CPS royalty income;


the CPS mentioned here can refer to all kinds of royalty advertising. Now more common is Taobao customers, this way and some soft writing similar, you write the product soft text to induce the user through the link on the blog to buy the goods, and obtain the corresponding income and commission. Related alliances can be searched online.

benefits: General CPA advertising is free for users to download, free registration, if advertising attractive, you can guide a large number of registration.

since the popularity of online money making, blog making money has also been a lot of people into the Internet to make money category. As a result, blogs are making money.

is the most typical GG Adsense, throughout the large and small classes, where you can put GG code, most have GG click ads.

in accordance with the effect of payment, higher unit prices, considerable income.

on your blog to add a comment on a product, as long as your literary talent can, blog traffic and attention can be, the writing of soft text is a good income, the price is relatively high.


if you have any questions, please contact customer service :593819158 or submit online question and answer management". We will be happy to answer your questions!


1: add advertising code, users click advertising revenue;

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

disadvantages: soft text more, will affect the reader’s reading quality, after all, they are not looking at you, touted a product.

benefits: commission income is high, generally more than 30%.

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