recently, the enterprises are facing the harsh living environment is made public from the A shares delisting of Lantian shares, and now the third board enterprise ecology 5 400027.OC.

Lantian shares late at night for help,

later in his sh419 search for things I do not understand, during which a lot of contact Wangzhuan project, for example, click on the ads, help others post, advertising alliance! Also did a lot of training, they spent a lot of money to buy a lot of tutorials to learn by themselves, including many celebrities and video tutorials! I learned a lot of things, but I am still very confused though understand a lot of money, but the promotion is not clear, always the result is not very ideal! Every day thinking about how to promote? In my signature: "promotion of hard, seeking a better way!" confused, my friend inside a head jump up, very helpless who sent, thought why when I was thinking seriously about the problem to disturb me! "Promotion Simple >



listed companies from the three new board retreat, 5 ecological mind inevitably fall, unexpectedly "dragon trapped shallow by shrimp, depressed by dog". Perhaps we are not quite familiar with the ecology 5, but it has been the scene of a moment when it was the first stock of Lantian in the old days.

for the novice: do you know your friend Wangzhuan is lucky, but is painful. Lucky because you already know the money is the Internet, as long as you continue to work hard to be eliminated by the society; the pain is because will encounter many difficulties and setbacks you at the beginning of the process, if you do not stick to your passion suddenly disappeared, and the Internet home business pass! So here to tell you, must insist, insist on is victory is not a bit wrong! To emphasize: before reading, please let your brain stay the best awake, remove all around hamper your sundries! I hope this article can give you some inspiration and help

announcement also said that the "vandalism" event is not the company’s first encounter with the evil forces, since the restructuring of the company’s bankruptcy since the bad events continue to occur in the production and operations of the company. "3.10 vandalism" event causing serious damage to the company and the employee, fishing work stopped completely, normal production and business activities are stalled.



for the cause of the incident, said the local government to implement ecological 5, Honghu wetland protection policy, prohibited from engaging in fishery aquatic breeding activities in protected areas, fishery and other facilities, fence faced demolition risk, so the company has carried out the spring fishing, try to reduce the loss of the assets of the company. But I was not prepared for the event of the bad "vandalism" incident, at present, the company has been reported to the local police, the case is under investigation in progress.

back to the sluggish performance of motherboard difficult to

March 14th, ecological 5 issued a "distress" announcement, said the company suffered the dark forces against! Said the announcement, in late March 10th 11, company staff in the sleep condition, suddenly more than 10 criminals armed with a weapon of company personnel stationed in the workers were beaten, and stole a mobile phone 18, equivalent to about 60 thousand yuan, when the attack also threatened and stationed personnel are not allowed to come here.

shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in June 18, 1996 2001; subject to judicial investigation because of financial fraud, capital chain rupture, which caused the lawsuit; in November 2001, Lantian was renamed Hubei lake ecological agriculture Limited by Share Ltd; after three consecutive years of losses, in May 13, 2002, to suspend the listing of transactions, and termination of the listing in May 23, 2003.

is a large contact Wangzhuan summer vacation, when the Internet in the master home someone advertisement in a group, what was that it is guaranteed to make you earn hundreds of what! I heart, take the initiative to consult the results, he said he wanted me to do a 1000 yuan a website, what all don’t understand at that time, she called my brother, I felt that she had a long talk, he began to raise money in the school when you give her the money exchange in the past, she is also very disloyal to me a mall website after only after learning know this is a very common mall system, mad, and also to the website domain name I selected, I go to understand the background and so on their own! But I don’t know what to sell well, first let me sell things, do not know what promotion, and it directly determines the final A cute sister goodbye, when I do not know what I had to do a 1000 yuan of the junk to me, the server is also super garbage, slow to open! Perhaps this is a turning point, let me have a higher career, although the first experience is very failure however, this process is the only way which must be passed a warning! New friends here: what a lot of things to consider the authenticity of sh419 and shlf1314 is the best place to learn! What do not understand can also ask me, ready for your reference, but is usually busy, if not timely answer please forgive me not to shake me the :97126930


as a small and medium sized enterprises "nursery", multi-level capital market is an important part of the new board is given a historical mission, although less than the A stock market, but also is the enterprise board listed public enterprises, standardize enterprise management also has certain security. But unexpectedly, some listed companies even suffered a wrongful treatment, even to the extent of vandalism.



March 19, 2004, company stock enter >

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