in addition, users can also go to the store in Chicago and personally meet designers.


CakeStyle has just raised $1 million. The investment comes from the Sandbox Advantage Fund of Sandbox Industries. The company said it would use the money to boost brand awareness and promote the service to more women in the United states.

, which is profitable through trading commissions, currently has $6 million 600 thousand in Buck financing. Buck Shops has now established official partnerships with some of Seattle’s malls and Bigelow in New York. It is worth mentioning that Buck has established partnerships with many mainstream brands, such as Glamour, Condé, Nast and L, Orea>



mobile payment and the combination of electricity providers, in addition to bringing profits for enterprises, but also very good to enhance the user shopping experience, increasing consumer desire for consumption. Recently, mobile payment startups Buck formerly known as Billing Revolution, mobile credit card consumer key program. Once a payment is made through Buck, the user’s device automatically becomes an electronic wallet, and no user account and password are required. also began to test the route, they launched the electricity supplier website Buck Shops. The site combines its own payments business, which allows users to buy products by way of one button purchase.

Buck Shops is similar to Amazon’s "affiliate shop page". Merchants can upload their products directly to the Buck database. When users click to buy products, Buck Shops does not jump to other websites, because they create the corresponding sales page for the merchant on their own platform, where the user completes the corresponding transaction. And in the layout of the page, it is very similar to the Pinterest, are "picture + information link + ‘like’ + buy ‘program.


women’s clothing supplier CakeStyle: let designers help you pick clothes


Buck Shops is not only limited to the PC platform, it is also compatible with smart phones and tablets. Registered users can comment on the page, and at the time of purchase does not require additional registration payment account, only need to fill out the necessary information to such as name, address, e-mail or the information required by the merchant. In addition, the user’s device ID will automatically be stored in the cloud, many access users will be automatically identified by the system, in the transaction, Buck can help users automatically fill in the information. This experience in mobile electricity providers are clearly in a relatively leading level.


Buck CEO Andy Kleitsch points out that Buck Shops is not just about traditional shopping malls. Because many of them have their own websites, Buck Shops just offers a distribution channel that attracts more buyers. Recently, the company is trying to find some "tide" businesses, such as magazines, publishing houses, etc..

U.S. electricity supplier website CakeStyle only selling fashion women. It does not intend to compete with Amazon micro-blog and other giants price, but hope to help you pick the latest fashion, the most appropriate clothing, won the favor of consumers.

CakeStyle model is: the company first asks the user for information via e-mail or phone calls, including current wear, favorite styles, and clothing sizes. Then, designer dresses from the company’s inventory, season clothes and accessories to the user, and even a video to explain why these choices are made. Wait until the product delivery, users only need to choose their own love clothes, the rest can be returned intact, but only according to their own love clothing payment.

CakeStyle was founded in August 2011. The service isn’t attractive for regular shoppers, but it’s really attractive for women who don’t like shopping or have no time to shop. As CakeStyle’s city neighbor in Chicago, Trunk Club uses a similar model to provide personalized Menswear services.

CakeStyle URL: CakeStyle

electricity providers should be how to do? Big price war, or rely on gangster online hype?

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