many people are wondering why can do for money? In fact, is that we do not believe that you can make money in a simple way, think only strenuous hardships can make a fortune, in fact, as hao123 founder Li Xingping, Yang Bo Douban, the emerging Internet celebrity, money faster than industrialists the more, so that now the use of the Internet, is the most profitable way. We want to completely change the original concept of the traditional, Taobao store, online shopping has become more and more popular, this is a trend, that is to say to the shopping network, it is imperative, we look at a formula about network profit, look at the auction in the end how to profit:

on the auction, in fact, there are many skills, in the future updates, and we will continue to explore!


auction belongs to the second stage, we can get traffic through advertising, the successful rate is the proportion of transactions, we can beautify the auction page, improve customer service levels, improve the means to improve traffic quality index. The single standard price is the product price. All these things we can do to improve. The most important thing is that in the first stage, the single standard price is too small. We all know that the price of the ad clicks is a few cents, and in the bidding, we can get hundreds of profit per deal. This is why the auction is profiteering, and the income earned by a single transaction is likely to be higher than that of the first stage of the day.

"Free" is the main Wangzhuan mail, click ads, web search, investigation and surfing websites or companies.

money for him, do not spend money can have a tiny bit, silver dollars, pounds, earn money, dream will laugh……. The entry of new friends?

is not really a free lunch?

network mail, click ads, web search, investigation and surfing websites or companies are manipulating the advertisers advertising project:

1, advertisers will be able to advertise on the Internet after the planned advertising items have been approved and approved by the advertisers;

Wangzhuan participants like the TV audience, with your participation, will make the network advertisers advertising to operate on the network, the more people participate in, click rate is high, the advertising effect theory remember – theory rather than actually;

2, in the above premise, it is possible for advertisers to get advertising fees from advertisers:


a: advertisers’ own interests are not guaranteed;

b: advertisers are not satisfied with the actual benefits of advertising;

c: in the number of Wangzhuan beyond the basic budget of the original advertisers too much, according to the provisions of point remuneration payable totaling more than advertisers to advertisers receivables;

e: advertisers cancel advertising plans, etc.;

3, now do you still think this kind of free registration, free to participate in the Wangzhuan is enjoying a free lunch?For example: after

network profit formula: revenue = flow × bid rate × single bid price – cost

in the first stage, that is, advertising League stage, the winning rate is click rate, must be controlled below 3%, the single standard price is the advertising unit price, is fixed. Therefore, according to the formula, in order to increase revenue, we must improve the flow. So stationmaster always trying to get more traffic, in order to earn more money, more difficult, the income is not too high, it is a struggle every day until midnight, it is not clear whether the night or the dawn, but the effect is still not obvious


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