3. tried to do it, but he gave up easily when he met with some problems and difficulties;

2, the reasonable design of advertising position is an important index to attract advertisers.

5. although I think Wangzhuan is very important, but because of too busy, busy, delayed, died;

1, the website user is your potential advertiser

advertising price is a key factor in advertising sales, if advertisers only think the right price will consider the purchase, if you think that advertisers advertising position the price is too high, it will greatly reduce the desire to buy. In order to have long-term, good income, it is best to adhere to the low price of high quality

7. no higher performance appraisal standard, do not know how to manage your team, the implementation is not in place, the result is not clear;

4. for a period of time, that does not seem to imagine the effect, began to doubt the Wangzhuan value, and then give up;

1. no professional Wangzhuan talent, even think Wangzhuan is very important but do not know how to do;

because of the financial crisis, many people are looking for lower cost, more efficient way out and methods. Wangzhuan got attention in the hitherto unknown at this stage. Many people are studying how to use the Internet to get out of the dilemma, Wangzhuan industry also came into being, the conscious Wangzhuan will to participate in the Wangzhuan industry like hunger and thirst to come.

so many in contact with friends, understand the importance of a lot of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, know strategies and methods are many, but in learning after truly implemented less. Execution culture is particularly important in Wangzhuan practice. Those enterprises that have achieved success on the Internet are all companies with strong actions and great execution. Prefer three streams of creativity and first-class execution, not three streams of executive and first-class creativity. No, it must be fruitless. In particular, Wangzhuan is a new knowledge for many people, the new method is to use Internet technology and the Internet platform to do marketing knowledge, most people have no contact with the past, while professional talents and Wangzhuan is very small, so the date of execution to the more difficult, sometimes even made Wangzhuan strategy, is also difficult to carry on.

‘s original purpose whether we do stand, but the ultimate goal is to Wangzhuan site. This is not a vulgar, noble, and noble problem, because it takes a lot of effort and money to maintain a website, and it can not last for long if there is no return. For the GG alliance and the sh419 alliance, we don’t need to think about too much, but the two alliances are not good at first, but are vulnerable to the closure of the union account. In order to earn more money, to maximize the website, we also need to add on the Ali Mama like alliance advertising, but these advertising alliance need is the sale of advertising, how can Everfount their advertising to sell, this is the most long standing issues need to be considered. Syzgw’s sales experts believe that. The alliance ad needs to be decided on the following points:

the design of reasonable advertising position mainly includes the location, size and form of advertising bits. The advertiser is not a savior, considering buying only when the advertiser seems to be worth buying and buying to achieve his desired results. Whether the design of advertising position is reasonable or not has a direct impact on the value judgment and effect judgment of advertisers when purchasing. In accordance with the usual purchase psychology: the more prominent advertising position at least advertisers look conspicuous, the size is appropriate, the form can increase the amount of user clicks, advertisers purchase will be more proactive;

3, the pricing of advertising positions is also critical.



the reason for this is probably the following:

Wangzhuan Lee, in the beginning of my communication, said to be in a big wangzhuan. At the end of September to meet him, ask Wangzhuan project, "due to the recent lazy Wangzhuan thing no time, so next year again. Almost a year has passed, dear friend, and perhaps you do not realize that what you have delayed is a great opportunity. Because a lot of people spent half a year on the Internet to create a miracle, all the online business done in the past, now more than 80% is done online, because they have super action.

can easily conclude that the overall characteristics of the website itself and the size of the user group determine the ease of advertising. The reason is obvious, if the website user groups are oriented to high consumption groups, so a bit of advertising for him is not what he felt, as long as the value, will buy their own advertising to see you. Similarly, if the website user group is bigger, the advertisement place sells the possibility to be big. In your browser address bar, enter wndhw, will be very clear to see, universal navigation site in Ali mother League advertising sold well. The main reason for the sale is universal navigation network, now relatively large user groups, the use of universal navigation network as the home page of many people, the amount of browsing is also large, the possibility of buying advertising will continue to increase. Top web experts once said: "web users are your potential advertisers."".

By comparing several websites,

6. no process, no system, a lot of ideas, do not know where to start;

What is

2. line of business go and not forced to live without it, you can do Wangzhuan;

ah, sometimes, perhaps really pushed to desperation, will really pay attention to, to action.

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