CPM Cost-per-click: the charge for each click is charged according to the number of clicks that the ad was clicked on.

two years ago, the WeChat fire, and how to make full use of feeding WeChat, but also to maintain the independence and characteristics of , is a "multi daughter, big family" headache, this life death

more than two years to make a profit, when he almost sold it, but he managed to hold it back.

Tencent headquarters in the multi-function hall on the desktop, the browser is shlf1314’s Chrome, publicity film player is sh419 video, a bit surprising.

It took

December 9th afternoon, Vanke chief executives and staff of 200 people to learn from the headquarters of Tencent, Ma Huateng arrived at the scene to "popular science."". As one of the three example 170000 study, Tencent experience and vision, Liu Chiping and President Ma Huateng had already described on different occasions, there is no need to repeat the speech content, this article wants to capture Vanke weekly, is light feather that pony elder brother speech, trying to use the glue and splice these fragments and anecdotes a less complete pony brother impression.

2004 Tencent listed, the Nasdaq may choose to sell a better price, but after careful consideration, chose Hongkong, because he felt that it was closer to the investors, and investors and their users, a better understanding of the Tencent. More money is not important, he wants to "develop slowly";


through a variety of above analysis, you can see that CPC, CPA, and CPS are not suitable for most sites. These two patterns, in some professional sites may bring daily income to hundreds of thousands of webmaster, but in some popular stations may put on a few months, not a penny. For example, a special description of fashion sites and a novel station, hang on the clothing category of CPS, CPA, CPC advertising, can think of, and fashion class site income at least will be more than ten times the novel station. But if they are all hanging books of CPA, CPS, CPC, advertising revenue form will change. So CPS and CPA are suitable for professional sites,

and CPM can help media forms through animation, video, audio method make advertising more features. Advertising effects are almost the same as those on TV advertisements, which use the money invested in online advertisements to produce advertisements for TV advertising effects.

I believe that "rich media CPM" ads in the near future.

telescope features: the longer the focus, the farther you see, the smaller the field of view. The face of the unknown distant fog, people are difficult to get rid of short-sighted harassment:

had a preview of the audience will find a condensed version of his speech is the recent Tencent executives consensus, the presence of more interest is what individual factors, can make students like astronomical observations of a 20 years ago, today became China Internet a brother.


and CPM belong to image advertising, what image advertising? Is that advertising does not bring much profit to the advertisement at the time, but with a lot of overwhelming terrain display advertising, so that advertisers are leaving an image of most of the people in mind, when the people need this service will be the first think of advertising products. For brand strategy, and for web owners, CPM only need to put on advertising, the site’s daily traffic is translated into profits. This kind of advertisement is suitable for any site, and the amount of proceeds depends on the main station traffic volume of the site.

but none of the audience dared to ignore every word he says, and few even pay homage to the Tencent in the form of a WeChat bow. A comment on the scene Yu Liang, not overbearing that emboldened in, not hoarse will naturally attract people; another beauty after the evaluation is: "he is very down to earth".


, let’s first analyze the current advertising formats.

has said that his greatest wish is to make a speech in public. The 9 day, the audience is not unexpected, a word he will appear in the three "this"; a PPT showed abnormal halfway when a sudden transition; a 30 minute speech, the microphone tightly in her hand, the nail feet behind the desk is on the floor, let the whole field shake the burden laugh: two times.

CPS Cost Per Sales: the actual amount of sales of products to convert advertising amount. That is, according to each order / every transaction to collect fees, each user successfully reached a deal, the owner can get a commission.

current online advertising is mainly divided into four types: the CPA, CPS, CPC, CPM in the future is one or more of the four in the period will become the mainstream form of advertising or for the development of other forms of

CPC Cost-per-click: the charge for each click is charged according to the number of clicks that the ad was clicked on. Such as keyword advertising generally use this pricing model,

CPA Cost-per-Action: the form of ad billing that charges each action, i.e., the pricing model based on the actions taken by each visitor to the online advertising. There are special definitions of user actions, including forming a transaction, getting a registered user, or clicking on an ad on the network.

if he had to imitate the ancient Greek orator, facing Shenzhen bay mouth with stones or hard, according to the online tips, treat the people as the "Chinese cabbage", then to his IQ, there may be more of a speech master, but the user as a radish may also come to the Tencent today.

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