The universal formula for

so let’s take an example:

because we usually do online advertising, so the core of our income is to see the terminal. Look, which income is the highest under the same 100IP?

if we’re doing a click ad, every 1000IP is $10 in revenue. It can also be calculated by this formula. Generally speaking, the quality of the flow is almost the same, the profits are almost the same piece.

pages and the search engine is very similar, no wonder some people to search engine called electronic yellow pages, but I understand from the search engine’s function which is comparable to yellow pages, but the Sohu and Sina has launched a similar Sohu. Sina and the yellow pages, at least from the current situation also do not see how the market "money king. But the purpose is one, can do the right and proper yellow pages not because of technical factors of the complex search engine

from the mature yellow pages, yellow pages of Shanghai in 2000 was $130 million last year, do not know how, so much "money" is the search engine company with several factors, the price below about the Yellow pages:

1, column names similar to the ordinary landing site

2, register

3, bold

4, advertising according to the position and size

column is probably around 300, color advertising price increase of 20% educational channel text link has been using this way, a full page advertisement price is ten before the book page, the back cover, the cover price to high several times, it should be said that the traditional yellow pages has been recognized by most of the enterprises, but it has a very fine division. And the yellow pages company has a very strong sales team including its unique culture and sales, on the ladder I think Unicom yellow pages is the biggest advantage of its strong sales management because it almost does not have any advantage in other ways, by virtue of its Hongkong sales thinking.

as foreign propaganda, Overture has been regarded as a profitable guide, while the shlf1314 Adwards is the same, whether as the reported profit, we can make nothing of it, as a domestic, sh419 copy of this model is feasible, it’s really hard to say. first of all, the degree of customer understanding from my point of view, Sina and search promotion website, because relatively easy to understand, popularity is still possible.

there I found an interesting phenomenon, apart from the role of the engine to the customer search not to talk, for customers, many customers is to accept the service because of competitors, which leads to the selected keywords so as. For example, several market surveys in Shanghai, market consulting firms, selected keywords are consulting, marketing research, and none of the surveys. For >

please indicate: corn Wangzhuan forum

traffic, the higher the site’s revenue. The higher the temptation of the product, the higher the purchase ratio, then the higher the income. The higher the profit per piece, the higher the income. The lower the flow cost, the higher the income. Traffic depends on the amount of traffic you buy, or the amount of investment or capacity you can make.

if you can flexibly analyze the above formula, it shows that you have a good understanding of the basic framework of the network. However, it is difficult to test a profitable project now. See if you want to find someone else’s profitable project. Much faster than you find.

shopping ratio depends on your traffic quality or the allure of your product. For example, the men are coming, and you sell sanitary napkins, naturally it can not sell. If everyone else sells 5 cents a piece, and you sell 6 cents, then your allure is too low, so the purchase ratio is lower.

The higher the

we stand to generate a customer per 300 IP, and each customer is 1000 yuan profit. Then our income is =300*1/300*1000-0=1000 yuan / day.


is a general formula for calculating the profitability of all projects. The formula is: revenue = flow * purchase ratio * * profit – base cost

let’s say here, if we test a project to make a profit, then we can go to the formula to calculate his cost and profit. Well, if there are a lot of projects, let’s introduce the general formula for the profit.


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