assumes that these companies are in the A stock IPO and will enjoy a full premium, with a projected market capitalisation of at least double to $1 trillion. This figure, equivalent to China’s 2015 GDP nearly 10%, approximately equal to South Korea a year GDP.

it is no exaggeration to say, Chinese market is the most sexy, the best and most valuable innovations, in the standings of the dragon.

list a total of 125 companies listed, the valuation of the threshold of 5 billion yuan, the total valuation of 3 trillion and 370 billion of all companies on the list. Comparison of A shares of the gem head 125 companies, the market value of 2 trillion and 470 billion, 36% higher than the overall valuation of Xinlong list.


analysis of love after 1 years of research tracking, joint Tencent technology, according to the prediction of business performance in 2017, combined with the self development valuation model, from nearly a thousand candidates for the company selected the 125 companies, making this new list.

first, the ants gold, valuation, 398 billion yuan.

in BAT crack, a new wave of innovative forces are rising strongly.


as technology innovation, business model iteration, and consumer demand upgrade, the past two years, the innovation industry situation has reversed. A group of companies established after 2010 began to break the shackles of BAT and become a new force in the rise. Didi, millet, new, which is representative of today’s headlines.

over the past ten years, BAT has monopolized China’s innovation field. Ali layout has been calculated from the electricity supplier, extending to the cloud financial, television, entertainment, retail, logistics and other Tencent; rely on WeChat, the perfect realization of migration from the Internet to the mobile terminal; at sh419 mobile distribution channels.


ant gold suit is Ma Yun micro-blog in 2004 on the layout of the business, can only say that Ma long.


in the competition with BAT, TMD in the cracks in the wave of innovation thrive, grew into a valuation of more than ten billion U. S. dollars super unicorn, they represent the future of China’s new economy for ten years.

list of finalists are each company Xinlong industry benchmark, represents the future trend of innovation China, also China economic pillar, and the rise of new forces. In the next ten years of the new economy, who can guarantee BAT,

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The new

love · analysis; including two listed and unlisted new list, the first stage is the non-listed company list.

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