at that time, Zhang Yong, just 23 years old. Speaking of this "brilliant" experience, Zhang Yong only used "these things online have" on, and as to why leaving Meizu forum at that time, why no longer service fans, he did not say more.

LBE, the founder of security gurus and CEO Zhang Yong, is a 85, but when he sees a real person once, he is thought to be more than 30 years old. "It’s a little anxious."." LBE public relations manager said with a smile.


started, the LBE team was active in the Meizu forum and did Andriod porting for Meizu M8 users. Three of the group had their own work, and the research and development in the forum was just out of interest. But their system transplant is popular with Meizu users and has a loyal group of fans in the forum. At that time, for some reason, when LBE stopped the Android transplant, many fans went to micro-blog, a member of the group, asking for continued research and development. The LBE team became famous and laid the foundation for the future development of the Andriod system.

is a LBE security guru because SP attracts

LBE security guru is a group of LBE, including Zhang Yong, developed mobile security products after work. From 2011 to now, LBE has overcome the difficulties of funds shortage and team members running away, becoming a mobile security manufacturer with sixty million users. From hobbies to careers, what are the stories about Zhang Yong,

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

Phoenix technology sees a stack of mobile phones on the desk at LBE’s office. Engineers told me, this is used to do testing, adaptation, there are three thousand or four thousand yuan of Samsung Motors, there are 1000 yuan of domestic Android machine.

  from September 11th onwards, sh419 on PPC business improvement: the introduction of the comprehensive ranking index". sh419 said, the customer website ranking, in addition to price factors, but also depends on the quality index of the purchase keywords. According to reports, keyword quality index will be based on this keyword, the frequency of the previous clicks, and the main business relevance, as well as the extent of recognition of Internet users to calculate. The quality index is multiplied by the price to get the final "composite ranking index"". At the same time, the keyword link site level is also considered as a factor in the rankings. "A large website, even if the offer is slightly lower, may rank ahead of a smaller site."

Analysys International on sh419 tracking analysis pointed out that under the constantly questioned the customer on sh419 PPC business valuation model background, sh419 launched the "comprehensive ranking index", on the one hand to adjust pricing model, the mood to appease customers; on the other hand, hopes to adjust pricing model, to attract more customers attention.

Make a valuation model

note that, according to the provisions of "sh419 ranking index" set: the index is decided by the quality index of keywords and the purchase price of the. Among them, the quality index of keywords is related to the level of website and the number of clicks. However, the industry of keywords linked sites, click on the number of users to determine how does not set up a unified evaluation system, sh419 launched the "comprehensive ranking index" is still possible by the customer questioned. Therefore, how to set up the index evaluation standard system needs to be widely recognized by customers.


in 2010, Andriod mobile phones became popular in the market. Some older SP vendors see the trend and turn their attention to the Android camp. Compared to the Symbian and feature machines that dominated the world, it was easy to pay for Android phones. Zhang Yong said: "I used to download some APP and found that there were always APP hints to text messages, but a lock screen software, >

LBE Zhang Yong: I work in a company before, may be working during the day, at night to do the things I want to do now is the day I do the things I want to do in the evening, do what I want to do.


in 2008, Zhang Yong and two good friends set up an amateur development group and named LBE with their initials Lamian Zhang Yong, Blackfog black fog and Elviess Wang Mingyang. Until now, the LBE company was also used to call Zhang Yong "ramen noodles".

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