due to the development of the network, in the past, I believe that many business friends will receive certain bursts of network company phone, the main content is nothing less than to publish information on certain platform, the establishment of an independent "show themselves, to get publicity, finally get the opportunity… Is one of many B2B platform mode of operation, in for a long period of time, will hear" south north from Ali ", mainly said at the time the two is a large platform, attention is" at that time".

B2B platform development today, the business people will feel, to success is not so easy, but now the B2B platform of every hue, is still not out of a pattern, it is big and full display of information, and the information is divided into news, products, enterprises and other three, there may be some market so, however, this kind of information platform for enterprises, may not have a direct perception effect, for an enterprise, maintain the foreign propaganda and external information, usually sales or promotion personnel, when they use the B2B platform, the most just care about whether to publish information go out, and the news, other businesses or products are less attention, just this kind of information is to help business decision-makers, the embarrassment of the decision-making or Most of the B2B platforms are available, and they are mostly dealing with other related transactions within the enterprise.

in the era of information explosion, the cost value in the choice of the content on the rise, bring great confusion, even enterprise decision, it is difficult to systematically and to query their closely related information, also prompted them to underestimate the B2B value brought by.

also face a large amount of information, can not determine the authenticity of many at the time, the platform is often constrained by the lack of staff or other factors could not be more confirmation of its validity, which bring huge risks to enterprises willing to try, if there are problems, will cause permanent damage to the customer concerned.

mentioned above is the 3 point of the current homogenization of information B2B platform deficiencies, inherent, and the day after tomorrow, there are many unfavorable factors.

back to the front to cite examples of many platforms, a phone call, let into the platform, and then sell a series of products, such as authentication, what what ranking… Before buying services, we feel is God’s treatment, when the payment after the purchase, when there is a problem, deal with various links, will feel the hell, because the platform is uneven, the service quality also has a great gap, but it is quite a part of the service platform of low, resulted in a shadow to the whole industry.

in essence, the operation of B2B, its core is to integrate the resources of various industries, including information resources, but also including the use of information, and the use of resources is the most important of B2B.

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