mixed in A5 also about a year, but has not written the soft text, has long been learning to imitate the master of experience and do stand model. First of all, we should thank A5 for providing a platform for the exchange and learning of these grassroots.

I think every webmaster has a growing history: from free space at the beginning to buy domain name – buy space. After that, you may start your own station by your own interest. At the beginning, I also like the majority of webmaster, never understand, flow from 1 to 1000IP stage. At that time no technology, almost ctrl+c ctrl+v day and night without mechanical operation. It’s really tiring, but I haven’t given up yet. Until later, on the Internet inadvertently found that the original station so simple, find a program to write a collection rules, one day on a portal. Sweat, that’s depressing. Why not find so many detours early?. Only from the day after I decided to do a novel website, with the system (Jackie acquisition function really powerful, one day a station).

a year ago IP website ten thousand novels stand was quite easy, when Baidu was included cattle, as long as I rely on Baidu to win a large collection (then still do not know SEO, do novel station can exchange QQ375783048). Later, Baidu stepped up its crackdown on garbage sites. It was difficult to make novel sites, but of course SEO was the exception. I feel more difficult to do novel stand, I think I did not pay attention to learning SEO knowledge, it is too bad (mind on how to advertise, huh, huh). Later, my classmates (Qin Jian: A5 published a lot of SEO soft text, you can check) in the SEO to do better, in a short time successfully optimized a few pretty good garbage station. As you all know, the Baidu index of the QQ class is an index of almost tens of thousands. Remember when Qin Jian chose the keywords QQ2009 (Baidu index 40438, half a year ago about 20000) certainly his analysis of the opponent’s strength, he finally got the key words do Baidu third in a short period of time (the first official QQ, second forget) IP on behoove over 10000, but his stand just a few pages simple, but simple station, see the SEO effect. There is a specific domain name station is 3GP converter can’t remember (because he sold the station, no longer concerned). You know he was learning the SEO time is only 2 months or so, to get such a success, I really admire!!!

he influenced me more or less also slowly in the study of SEO, also in the continuous experiment station of its own effect. Keywords are coming up we can look at the www.hlyy.org station keywords free web space free asp space free web space free web space application and other free class keywords are coming up. So, want to build >

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