Compared with other industries,

foreign trade enterprises will pay more attention to network marketing. Do foreign trade crowd, more inseparable from the internet. For foreign trade enterprises, network marketing is very important, but also an integral part. But before foreign trade network marketing starts, the choice of domain name is the first to do an important link, through my experience, and we talk about the following notes:

,.Com, and.Cn choices,

for foreign trade enterprises, try to choose the domain name suffix.Com, many friends will understand, why? Because.Com is an international top-level domain, for foreign customers, they recognized the.Com domain name, but also a kind of habit. And.Cn is China’s top domain name, is more accurate for Chinese users.

two, domain name entry

, in most people’s opinion, the shorter the domain name, the better, but it is not. For foreign trade enterprises, the meaning of the term entry is more than the length of its own. We Chinese feel that the shorter the domain name, the better the digital domain name, this is because we Chinese people do not like long domain names, hate to remember the tedious English words. But for foreigners, it’s different. As long as your domain name is meaningful, foreigners will accept it, so do foreign trade enterprises, then do not go into this domain name short misunderstanding. One more thing, foreigners don’t like the number added to the domain name. The best domain name is the product name or the brand name.

three, where to register?

we are more familiar with the website registered business is million net or new network, their propaganda bigger, more secure, but that’s not true. There is no problem with registering sites in them, but they also have two shopping sites. First of all, the domestic domain name registration is required for the record, this is a relatively troublesome thing; secondly, registration in the domestic domain name, DNS server is basically in China, this for domestic marketing without any conflict. But for foreign trade marketing, display is big, the speed will be relatively slow, because overseas when users visit the web site, but also through the DNS server to resolve domestic, and then transferred to the foreign trade in the first web space, the same point has been mentioned by the.Com domain name.

four, how to write registration information

registration information as far as possible to write the authenticity, and now many companies will use whois records to query the domain name of all. If it is formal legal business, or as far as possible after the domain name registration finished, a series of information complete complete. Many enterprises are able to pass the Internet company, the domain name information will be written into the network company, strictly speaking, has not belong to the customer, belongs to you register domain name of the network company. Many enterprises will also encounter a series of troubles at this point.

five, how many years is it best to register a domain name?

site domain names for a cycle of one year, if you want to do a long life

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