the rapid development of the Internet, to have an independent personal web site is a lot of Internet users in ignorance of the desire. But because of the time-consuming, long-term accumulation and other nature of the website, what websites are often used to make personal webmaster confused?. Direction is not allowed, the road can not be chosen.

04 years of network world still exist management, but as the alliance advertising revenue atrophy, personal Adsense website opening and closing frequently. Many webmaster can’t income to maintain the site, have to close the site. And large portal site and many strength to manage. Such as technical forces, economic forces, etc.. So, what direction is the bread of the personal webmaster?


06 years rise Witkey concept, many webmaster to focus on Witkey station. But over the past year, we have seen that the Witkey network has been closing and closing more than two hundred. As a result, the survival of the site is the operation of the company, the risk of capital injection, and the existence of life.

08 years today without funds and technical advantages, individuals want to have a web site, and there is a deep potential, what kind of site? I focus on the navigation site. I am not a technical person, nor an Internet user, but an amateur Internet user who is particularly interested in the internet.

various views of the news network, forums and industry websites, I chose the navigation network. Although hao123 and other sites have basically covered the navigation market. But it is precisely because these sites cover comprehensiveness, making this market segments. Market segments appear on the industry navigation station.

I’ve done a bit of analysis, industry navigation station in the current domestic site is basically blank. Many navigation stations, in the industry navigation basic blank, so this formed the market.

industry navigation network construction needs comprehensive, involving the industry’s practical web site. Anyone in the industry can simply browse through the site and see what he wants.

after the "hao123 home site" sing "beautiful life network", to highlight the value of website navigation mode. Now, 85858 financial securities navigation once again heavy attack, 85858 financial securities navigation: in the most professional perspective for the majority of Internet users, especially focusing on the stock financial investment of Internet users has brought new site navigation experience.

industry navigation network benefits are diverse, the website does not need to update at any time, save webmaster energy, also don’t need to invest too big economy, just need to maintain the survival of the site. With the accumulation of time, as well as Internet users access habits, while appropriate promotion, industry navigation network, the future is very optimistic. This paper consists of feeds.

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