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makes the development of this industry webmaster, although various aspects of the statistics show that the number of sites is increasing, but the serious problem is placed in front of everyone: the site can not profit. More than half of the owners monthly income below 1000, with no income and negative income if a website stationmaster meet the eye everywhere, chronically unprofitable or unable to achieve the expected profit target, then this site is only one result, that is slowly disappearing in the wave of internet. As a grassroots webmaster, the author actively explore new models of website profitability, has been studying how to make web site sustainable development. Today, the site can not communicate the problem of profitability, website operation failure, hope to get the webmaster and network marketing friends criticism, provide a viable strategy more for our website operation and development.

website profit model, we basically operate in three aspects. Advertising: mainly to do traffic, and then advertising (including advertising, alliances and businesses); product categories: to provide technology, resources. In this regard, mainly refers to their own technical resources to provide users; third: Service: user transactions. This way of profit is mainly to provide businesses and users, the site and the user, the user and user transactions between the proceeds. I believe that these three aspects of the profit model has its pros and cons, and many people also understand these profit models, but their websites are always unprofitable, what is the reason?

1: interest is the cornerstone of Web site development.

the establishment of any site, interest is inevitable. No matter whether you are engaged in this industry before you set up, but we build a website, then the content of this website should first be your own interest. If a website of this industry are not interested, so also can operate it? Is the founder of Zhu Weikun real name network marketing, if not his own real name network marketing, he have no interest in this, then it is possible to develop is the answer?. So, at any time, the site’s founder and founder team must be very interested in their website. Only in this way can we have the power to operate, or just empty talk.

2: website profit should be considered as the origin of thinking.

no matter what the original purpose of our website is, I think our ultimate goal must be profit. Because there is no profitable web site, it can not operate for a long time. Many webmaster are belong to follow the trend type, anyway others do Adsense make money, I also do. Anyway, others do this forum, make money, and I will do it. Most of the time when we build a website, it’s hot headed, because we never thought how long this site could last, and I didn’t expect it to be profitable. In fact, we all say that the website is just built because of interest, but how many people can adhere to this so-called interest? Interest, although it is the cornerstone of the development of website operations, but if there is no set of profits of their own

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