in today’s Internet, different groups of different industries have set up their own industry of the site, and some hot industry has been the major Internet giants occupy, some small owners how to develop their own operating industry website and collect advertising revenue and improve the industry’s visibility line this product promotion in this competition? According to the years of my industry website operation summed up the following.

1, to avoid popular industries, popular industry segments

to avoid popular industries, refers to the major Internet giants occupy the dominant industry, authoritative data released, forming a well-known industry. Such as automobiles, real estate, recruitment and other categories, these sites have many large companies in the operation, we want to get traffic can be difficult, but as mentioned above, we can be on the hot industry segments, such as the automotive industry, we can subdivide into mould, tire, area class in recent years, the development of the website, the website of second-hand cars faster and most of them are small owners in the operation, and whether it is from advertising revenue or offline transactions layer has a very large profit space.

2, select your own understanding of the industry

chose their own understanding of the industry, or that can get a large amount of information on its website, publish information can be their own assessment of information authenticity, accuracy and other factors related to the industry, because the only way station released information or membership information released will have a basic judgment of the industry so visitors will not think a layman in a professional website.

3, website professional information and authoritative data publishing,

The website

industry attraction is to provide professional information, provide professional data, as some industry site provides price information, most of them are pricing data according to different parts of the members of multi alignment will be announced, due to the release of different data for the industry website will have some information guide, such as price information for some transactions when the information will play a certain reference role.

4, choose the industry you are interested in,

It is important to choose the webmaster

interested in the industry, only interested in this industry will be careful to do this station, it will put your heart into it, not to let information acquisition too much now, this station station group to occupy your mind, although most of the site is for the purpose of profit, the acquisition of advertising information too much, so the station who are likely to surpass you. Maybe years later, this station will bring you more things, both in money and spirit.

briefly talk about the main revenue streams for industry websites. At present, the industry website profit channels are mainly PPC advertising, website advertising, investment parties, offline product transactions, online information trading, online service charges and so on. No >

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