used to make a home related website for three days, and it took me a few weeks to get out of it. Because of the relationship between the data source and time, the site can not be maintained well. But, I like building a station, so now I’m back again.

below, I will introduce how I am called a rookie webmaster.


1. select CMS or its own code?

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System, which means the content management system". CMS has many template based excellent designs that can speed up site development and reduce development costs. His function is not limited to text processing; it can also process pictures, Flash animations, audio and video streams, images, and even e-mail files. CMS is actually a very wide range of titles, from general blogging programs, news releases, to comprehensive web site management programs that can be called content management systems.

why talk about CMS, because I’m using the JOOMLA system, just beginning to use, and perhaps some trouble on the operation, but skilled, I think JOOMLA is very good. Thanks for the recommendation of Xiao Yu’s predecessors, otherwise I really don’t know JOOMLA.

I used to make a similar thing myself. It was good to use it at first, but later I found out that it was not good enough for me to expand. There were many changes in the website, so I needed to change a lot. Safety performance is not good, although not yet found what security vulnerabilities, but since the family system has been very mature, the safety must be better than their own much stronger, something that already exists, why to write? This is the purpose of open source program. Speed is not fast enough, because PHP is a beginner, a lot of details that are not very careful, the website may initially speed is not affected, but with increasing data, the system will slow down.

so, I completely gave up my own system and used JOOMLA. This will save a lot of worry, after installation and debugging, and then find a few good-looking templates to try, to determine a favorite of their own, you can wholeheartedly enrich the content for the site.

, whether you’re learning a computer or not a computer, you can easily master JOOMLA if you look at the articles online.

2., foreign space or domestic space,

foreign space has good foreign space, the domestic space has the advantage of domestic space, look at the articles on the Internet, perhaps you can find the answer. However, the articles on the Internet can not be fully trusted. Some people say that WebhostingPad’s servers have never been disconnected. But when I used it, I broke it for 10 minutes in a week, and another time it was broken for 5 hours. So, choose space must consider their own factors, >

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