last night for a long time and finally wrote a soft Wen, this is your own thinking about promotion, do a lot of your links on the inside, who knows a look at today, links have been edited to get rid of, to understand a truth: what do things must have a degree. Soft Wen promotion is the same, too far, too obvious, it is just like the Baidu K station, edit link pull hair.

in Admin5 time is not long, usually mostly diving, that is, just began to think through writing soft text for promotion, this "degree" is not in consciousness.

has seen a lot of grassroots wrote the soft Wen, how much to learn something, but it is their turn, but still made this low-level error. I just don’t know if you have made a similar mistake. If there is, then hurry up and correct it. After all, no one is a fool. It’s useful to yourself. You can see it without a single eye.

so, clever, clever is not. Cry up wine and sell vinegar is less to do, a good article, you have to let people really feel that even after you bought the dog, but also let him think that this is "meat", mouth to eat not to have vomiting desire, even if it is achieved the goal.

of course, high quality soft Wen is not every webmaster can write, good. But remember, in a webmaster’s article, quoted a king Wang’s words: allow Admin5 propaganda site, as long as your soft Wen, one percent of the stuff is really useful, you can publish in admin5. I can’t remember exactly. That’s what it means. I can say that everyone here is very magnanimous. But again, too, if you simply to send advertising, then I’m sorry, a graph king will not release; two, even if the release will not have many people to see.

anyway, it’s still rewarding today, and learned a lesson.

no matter how many soft text you write, if you are classified as spam, you might as well think about something useful.

Hello, I’m fine, everybody will be fine.

pushes down the station by the way: dig station network,

heart trembling, I hope this meets the requirements, do not edit and then pull my hair, you


from tid=86, reproduced please go?.

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