talking about SNS, we are all familiar with, from the school, happy, 51 and so on several large social networking point of view, the domestic SNS web site has been opened the door, is hot into the domestic website interest in…

our happy moment: "99399 together make friends, experience wonderful life, happy you, me, he" a village a small guy to go out to work, a family to see off. The old father secretly confessed: "silly boy don’t go out in the outside pass, especially women infected with venereal disease, be careful! It will bring disaster to our village, village life is in your hands." The son asked: "why?" the old father said: "silly boy you want! You got the disease, you have your daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law one, I got one, I got you, mother, your mother came, the village has a village, the village people have! It’s all up!" the son:"……"

said earlier in my opinion SNS website has two trends, one is the main entertainment is a business oriented, now out of micro-blog, is a SNS, but it is the foundation for the Internet to enter the mobile phone.

then can we try to produce third types of SNS in the development or in a certain situation, but the path taken by others is even more smooth, but you are never the one to open the road and do the first.

innovation in third directions, to this end, I do not know if I can find, but I believe that I have experienced, will not regret it.

one, according to the development of the times,

China is now in the era of rapid development of information, science and technology progress with each passing day, and the development of the Internet is constantly updated. According to the development trend of the times, for example, when the mobile phone does not come out, you want to connect the Internet and mobile 3G, and it is obviously impossible to interact with the Internet at all times. Because times have not reached that point. Now developed to this time, the mobile phone is also a product of the times, but also partners in the internet.

two, according to their original site of the idea to explore

you do not know what about the Internet industry, perhaps to see others in the big dig gold, or a certain idea of the light of your Internet, but you must grasp the trend of the Internet, set up to explore their own way, if you build a shopping site, then you have to look at their own shopping site, how to account for her feet in the market. How can we and others to do the same, do not follow the traditional way, to come up with their own way, if you are building a social networking site, now too many social networking sites, these sites may be driven by a lot of people are eyeing this fat. Do what you have to do, be different from other people, make your own style of thinking, don’t be fickle, see what others do, do well, follow what you do, so that even if you do what you are doing

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