garbage station is simple and easy to use, and can quickly make profits, in today’s "1 yuan CN domain name wind" today, garbage station has become a lot of webmaster’s first choice. Dump the risk is big, but not even woman and children all know, let the garbage, quickly obtain high flow is not an easy thing.

a good keyword ranking page will bring unexpected IP included in later, but if the weight of your domain name and not enough to select popular keywords, as will be ranked first in the home page or search. Select the keyword is not an easy thing, but maybe you do well after a few days a key word may bring hundreds of thousands of IP for you every day, Many a little make a mickle.

How does

select a keyword?

noted that some of the large real time news, such as a few days ago the Olympic obstacle during the torch relay in Guangzhou today and Wang Qianyuan, Tan Jing was Korean killed, the main parties and events they have become popular network. If you seize the opportunity, the first time to release some keyword articles, such as: Wang Qianyuan, video, photos and so on, then it will certainly achieve the effect you want. Also note that you want to do that to the keyword search in the search to see how many consistent content, too many words to avoid, and there is no effect for the station.

How does

make keyword articles?

you want to do that keyword, as far as possible in the article once called, and then in front or back in add some related keywords, more can increase search conformity. Content selection, as far as possible to modify the chapter and add some consistent content, so that the search engine mistakenly believed that the original article, it is recommended not lazy hands. Please use it flexibly.

In order to

and the webmaster friends share together, to build their own love, I am ready to open a free for the majority of owners to provide website optimization and keyword selection website address please join QQ group: 59987322 joint research was greater efficiency.

summary: keyword is to do the basic station, please webmaster friend certification treatment.

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