Web2.0 (BBS, blog as the representative) and Web3.0 (social networking platform, micro blog as the representative) have been popular, UGC (User-generated Content, user generated content, also known as UCC, User-created, Content) lastingachievements. With the development of mobile Internet, Internet content creation has been subdivided into PGC (Professionally-generated Content, specializing in the production of content, also known as PPC, Professionally-produced, Content) and OGC (Occupationally-generated Content, the production of content, and even occupation) are UGC, PGC and OGC who is the mainstream discussion.


there are close ties and obvious differences between the three. A platform (website) PGC and UGC intersect, showed that some professional content producers, as users of the platform, with professional identity (experts) with a certain level of quality and content, such as the micro-blog platform, science and government opinion leader micro-blog. PGC and OGC have the intersection, that part of the professional content producers with professional identity (qualifications, knowledge), also to provide content for the occupation (duties), such as media reporters and editors, professional background of both news, also to receive remuneration for occupation.

therefore, the difference between UGC and PGC is whether they have professional knowledge or aptitude, and have a certain knowledge background and work experience in the field of content sharing. The difference between PGC and OGC, relatively easy, whether to receive the corresponding reward as the dividing line, PGC is often due to a "hobby", the obligation to contribute their knowledge, form and content; OGC is the occupation is the premise of its creative content belong to the official conduct. Are there any non professional OGC?


also sees the intersection of UGC and OGC from the figure above. On a platform (website), users and providers are always opposite, and the roles of both the users of the platform and the providers of the platform may be, but belong to very few groups.

to OGC as the representative of the website such as major news sites, video sites, the contents of both internal and external created from the money to acquire copyright; to UGC as the representative of the website such as various forums, blog and micro blog site, its content by the user creation, management is coordination and maintenance order; PGC in the two different sites have figure, which is able to share high quality content, while the website providers do not need to pay, so OGC sites and UGC sites are very welcome to PGC.

obviously, PGC is scarce, because the production of content requires cost (time, manpower and material), and does not pay >

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