[Reuters] U.S. Air Network billion state power to do the electricity supplier. "The future of the U.S. Air Network and catering O2O platform, drop taxi and other service providers are the same, but our website provides professional photography, model work, reservations and other services." CEO, Fu Lei thinks.


Fu Lei to billion state power network, the U.S. Air Network impression to the outside world is a vertical community fashion talent, full of all sorts of model artist photos and photographers, depending on the UGC user generated content to attract more attention, is a self ecological system operation system.

After 7 years of development,

has gathered hundreds of thousands of certified models, entertainers, photographers and make-up artists. Many brands, film and television crews, and other three parties look for promotional films via the American space network, or model artists present at the event. As a result, the network will open a further commercial process, while addressing the problem of profitability.

US Air Network launched three actions during the same period, to improve the online trading chain:

first introduces the audit

for the demand side


needs registered members,

Fu Lei admitted that, after the brand, television, film and other demand side in the United States Air network operating chain is missing, it is invisible. These demand side even through the United States and the Internet to find a suitable model, artists, photographers, but also through private communication to interview interviews, the two sides lack of convenient and reliable communication channels.

in the future, these requirements must be accepted by the United States Air Network qualification audit, to be able to release job demands, looking for models, artists or photographers, make-up artists. This is because the models and artists groups are usually highly concerned about, and also belong to the disadvantaged groups in the industry, so the Internet will ensure the reliable and reliable job opportunities offered by the demand side.

Fu Lei specifically stressed that the demand side of standardized management and quantity expansion, from the electricity supplier clothing brand cut into the most easily. "Electricity providers, clothing brands have passed Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other types of electronic business platform qualification certification," the United States Air network can synchronize these certification. Moreover, the electricity supplier clothing brand dependence on the photos are very strong, the United States Air Network hopes to rely on powerful photographers and model resource advantages for the electricity supplier clothing brand to provide more professional services."

second, to build a perfect talent pool


PC current talent pool

Fu Lei pointed out that the establishment of the talent pool is to make the industry more efficient and fair. Brand online, if you want to find some shooting publicity pictures of the model, you may interview a number of brokerage companies, and then interview a lot of models to be selected. In fact, the brand has very little model resources, and the middle process is very complicated. > and

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