first note, this article is not the website optimization articles, not what effect to improve website ranking, the reason why this article is only my personal website on the overall layout of the more careful, not love everywhere disorderly phenomenon. Let’s get down to business,

most of the sites are now friends with DEDE, of course DEDE is as powerful and needless to say, but I found that the DEDE Links is not very neat, it is a Links as a unit, in any case will not be split into two rows, then the Links this area of the text is very neat phenomenon, here is one of my friends can find the site, in order to explain the problem, have a little difference between the DEDE and the default template for the site, the Links area



as you can see from the diagram above, the right side of the link is very untidy under normal circumstances, because DEDE does not spin off the links. It was later discovered that DEDE provided a way to reorder the links. When adding links in the background, there was an option to "arrange places", as shown in the red area below.


can be seen from the sort of DEDE so I will be from small to large, I Links began ranking from 1, then according to the adjusted overall situation, so my site Links relatively tidy. My site screenshot is as follows,


at the beginning I said, this article on the site’s overall ranking does not play any role. If you have to find what the far fetched, it may be on the part of the Links key can more reasonable arrangement, if it is a QQ space Links site, a total of 80, of which 40 are QQ space site, you can through the reasonable order of Links, let the 40 QQ space tracing the chain reasonable appear in 80 Links in.

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