believe that every webmaster hands at least there will be a running blog, not that we expect the blog has become profitable tool, but as the supply chain and brand publicity, independent blog will be an awesome tool. But for such a long time, have seen so many friends of the history of the struggle, we really feel in this circle, the blog really do is not much, even survive the long time game over.

and he is now in addition to the main website, also runs a blog, although there is no lofty ideals and high aspirations don’t want to be a general, but is not a good soldier, Lu Songsong blog has been the example in my heart, and for his worship I was more focused on learning, he basically did not update an article I the message will be on time, I really learned what I dare not say that has to have the knack of network marketing, but I think I already know how to do to make your blog for a long time the survival of some.

again, before you can improve your survival rate, let’s talk about the current status of Blogging:

The current

1 blog is mostly survival to assist in the form, namely the construction of the chain as the main base site, reading value and browsing depth are not concerned about the blogger, the weight is to do blog, so you can see many articles about keywords accumulation.

2 set up a blog if not for weight, for the chain, that is to promote the site, so the site content in the form of pictures launched will be not at all surprising, mostly for photos of beautiful pictures, make whole blog seem like the album, just to the drainage construction, not essential.

3 bloggers send articles without rules, and some bloggers will even update websites before spiders come, so it’s common for users and visitors to bind.

4 single theme, although this is done in order to better professional, but most bloggers did not work in content bitter, so the result is that a professional website is not enough, but more single.

saw this situation, I think any one wants to base the development of blog webmaster will gasped, after all, the environment is too difficult to make their own personality, especially micro-blog short media rampant today, the development of blog seems to come to an end. But the electric grid always believe that blog and not completely lost the opportunity of development, at least we seriously do you will have the opportunity, so in the actual operation, we should how to make

blog for a long time to stay in business?

A will blog business philosophy embodied in life. Many people do when their blogs are based on the interest points, such as you love sports you can do a sports blog, you love your mobile phone will do an electric grid, to do this we should pay attention to the no ground for blame, but is the webmaster’s energy is limited, "

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