major mobile applications store in 2011, the rapid rise, warlords separatist. Software stores have also been formed on the basis of mobile applications stores. These software and application stores are diverse in form and different in style. Some successful app stores have moved forward to the "shopping mall": for example,, APP, Store (iPhone), I, Pad, Android, NetEase, application center and so on. The key to the success of these stores is that they are not just positioning their products in a simple, downloadable application, but are well operating and designed to create a one-stop application service.

A software application class store

what is the most perfect? How to make the software application "store" to "shopping mall"? In this regard, from the planning principle of shopping mall to find the common points and software application store. Through tasks and scenarios, the existing major application stores are analyzed to refine the design elements of the software application store.

Shopping mall is defined as: large retail industry as the main body, many professional stores for auxiliary formats and multi-functional business services formed by the polymer. A perfect software application store should be a storage, shopping center, service and software application center. Just like a perfect shopping center, it sells different kinds of software. The figure below compares the shopping, mall, and software and app stores from 3 aspects of roles, tasks, and scenarios.


analysis shows that shopping, mall, and software application stores have similar tasks and scenarios, and the two have a lot in common. Therefore, the design of the software application store can draw on some of the successful elements of shopping mall. Here, from the two aspects of tasks and scenarios, analysis of the software application store can refer to the design elements.

task – creating a comfortable and intimate shopping process


Shopping mall, business profits come from consumer buying behavior. Therefore, providing convenient and efficient purchasing services is an essential aspect of every shopping mall. Merchants for the purchase of every aspect of the conduct of a comprehensive consideration, including the selection of goods, goods carrying, payment of goods, as well as door-to-door installation, after-sales warranty and so on. For every step of the purchase behavior, businesses have been carefully designed, and strive to not ignore any details, to ensure that consumers throughout the shopping process of smoothness and satisfaction.


similarly, users have tasks similar to those of shopping mall in the software application store. As shown above, the user is in Business >

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