in search engines, the popular value of "small game" is the top of the hot words. "Small game" has really become the most popular hot words in search engines. Although behind every popular vocabulary has a number of typical website, but the website in the domestic real small game beyond count on the name of the row, really, you look at it this year is the last year is it next year or it, then several sites and was arrayed in the 2003 start to look at the operation site really didn’t find several characteristics of the game. But Baidu just likes them,.

this article is a summary of the process of doing website, and then sort out the hair, for your reference and guidance, please master to help make comments.

domain name is registered in the United States before the year, feeling better, remember also associated with the game, WW, domestic words, that is, I love the game.

time domain hanging behind the busy dream weaving system blank about 2 months, Baidu has not included, formally included is I change you started making home page template.

since then spent about 3 weeks or so to do the game site, but the depressing thing is here, there is no server storage game file reasons, and finally chose the chain of 17173 small game files.

then every day will update the content but Baidu never included me except home outside of the page without www’s collection of web content many subdirectories bound, depressed ah ranking 18 page 200. Basic belongs to death…

after more than a month traffic began to climb above 100 and every day is like this, because I don’t love around the link advertising, nor to change the link around the search engine always love nature of their own, because I’m doing a English website also never advertise and now the game station is started at the same time every day but flow in more than 500, what is the reason why website or search engine keywords or the problem not torture, hope to have the master to mention the views and opinions. In addition to my WWW and without www website to separate into 2 completely different sites have not benefit of the rankings?

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