believes in a website "sensitive word" is not clear is not strange, many webmaster to sensitive word filtering management often enabled, there is also a business sensitive word filtering, serious business sensitive words even after the site is not opened for the webmaster, when users submit articles also appear sensitive words cannot submit, users will be how to do it! The following share from the user’s point of view as a webmaster enabled sensitive word filtering and sensitive word filtering businesses to reduce the user experience the consequences.


is the first merchant enabled a sensitive word filtering, as the space when the sensitive words site prohibited by the state, with all the space may stop the entire space, the space of security concerns sensitive word filtering enabled, but a lot of space business did not take his sensitive to stationmaster, often appear users submit articles after the website nature cannot open the website, webmaster also at a loss of sensitive words so as a webmaster, the best business space from space business.

Secondly, many owners of

sensitive word filtering for web management, believe that as station have this experience, when one thirty while not to waste management website, advertising everywhere, in fact, sensitive word filtering is enabled to provide a good environment for users, but there also have many drawbacks, especially when the user write an article on their website, writing for one or two hours, or even longer, until the last click publish and let users eyes dumbfounded, "you submit articles appeared sensitive words can not be submitted, please revise, I published an article and reply in some forums. Write for a long time, click on the results published, there is a sensitive word, do not say that the face, also don’t know is that word is a sensitive word, finally had to put Abandon! For this result the user is unable to accept, at least the user immediately anger away, serious will never lose the users, so many people may have such doubt, don’t let enable sensitive word filtering, the website is not to send others garbage to the garbage station? In fact also used.


Sensitive word

we as a webmaster first to enable space provided by the manufacturers, and they have to write a part of sensitive words, this is conducive to the management of the website, there is one point, when the user writes the article published after the click, if there is a sensitive word set in the pop-up dialog box to specify the user: the article with the words belong to sensitive words, let the user to modify, so even if the submitted user experience, but also retain users.

summary: to provide users with content published in that specific word is sensitive to the user to modify the submission!! this article by the Yibin city network webmaster original and A5! Reprint please retain copyright!!!


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