at the very beginning, I was the webmaster’s original intention is because I am not good at talking, and just out of school, in the process of work, many ideas are not paid attention to, the most important thing is my work is also doing web site. Depressed for some time, I think, why not do personal webmaster, do their own free time?. Do your own website, your own ideas can be achieved, completely in accordance with their own ideas to practice. That’s what it was like:

first, I can teach myself the Internet knowledge of the system.

second can experiment and lay a foundation for future ventures.

first about the personal webmaster in the process I learned knowledge and skills:

1. Industry analysis: understanding the current status and future trends of the internet.

two, website planning: website positioning, website profit model, website audience analysis, website content and so on, strategic planning and so on.

three, website construction: website interface, website code procedure, website database, website security and so on.

four, website content management Construction: network editor, website content maintenance, website special planning and so on.

five, website marketing promotion: SEO, SEM, community marketing, mail marketing, IM marketing, soft marketing, and so on.

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