by the 2 day of the QQ group to promote my new 51 look after I found a problem, a lot of new store manager for promotion is really utterly ignorant of today I put the most simple way to learn the best forum to promote the store manager who share with beginners.

first go to some products with their own relatively high relevance of the forum, or there is ah, Taobao and other communities, and in these forums, generally have your potential customers section. After the finished registration does not mean that you can go directly to AD because some registered forum you can go to some BBS posts, there is a time limit, will limit you in long time before they can go to hair, some BBS need to certification to post, put their own account can get posted. Anyway, you can let yourself post first.

can be issued later, the following is the collation of BBS information, this must pay attention: many beginners do not like to fill in the information, I suggest you do not be afraid of trouble, must fill in completely can. The first step is optimistic about whether you can change the signature, you can add the best link, of course, when adding the signature font to set up a larger number, and then write your product in there, as well as contact information. And then go to change the head, this is best to find a MM head, the reason why not explain, think of it, head it can not make products like that. Try to make your feel you are not AD. Of course, you want to make a AD avatar.

note: here is a picture of tips, there are many of my friends do not. Do not know how to use tools, so you have to modify the width option through this can modify the image map when the input picture inside.

all the work is ready after it began to post, in the post before there is a job to do: read the forum rules, this is very important. And we all know that the topic does not seem to be a simple thing, that we simply not to send the subject it first replies and in reply to time. Friends should also pay attention to a little at the beginning don’t bring your own links and advertising information. Otherwise, just wait to be deleted. And it is best to take the initiative to find those new posts, accounting for the sofa, which increases the exposure rate, the content of the replies must be related to the subject. In this way, your fame will grow up over time, so you’ll find the effect obvious when you go to the right AD.

BBS promotion is the most important thing to insist on, if you have good executive power, I believe you can achieve good results. Also, if you have a website or shop need to promote, my navigation network 51 find ah, online shopping navigation can free to help you included, to help you, and also wish the new year, all the friends of the tiger year make a lot of money!


51 look online shopping navigation network: yuan share. This paper is composed of 51 look online shopping navigation nets, a push from Li Yuguang to share the original, reproduced please keep this information to thank you for your cooperation.

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