[editor’s note] the author, Mark Praschan, is a web designer with nearly ten years of experience, a Web developer, and a Web project manager. The emphasis on complex high-level effects can add to the design, but if used incorrectly, it only affects the user’s attention to key content. The advanced effect may be just a good design shock, but even then, it needs some simpler results to work with.

simple effects and techniques are the building blocks of today’s design. For example, if you don’t know how to choose the right colors and text effects, what’s the use of brilliant starlight?

in the "less is more" concept, through ten simple easy to use design skills, is enough to greatly enhance your design professionalism and appeal. Foundation first. Before you learn to walk, you must first learn to crawl, so let us begin with the most basic concept of simple and effective design.

1. increases contrast

unfortunately, adding additional contrast is one of the most neglected and deprecated techniques.


Joost de Valk uses thin, high contrast margins that make it easier for visitors to distinguish between different regions of the page. In the enlarged part, you can see, most of the time this contrast is just a 1 pixel highlight line next to the 1 pixel line.

again, the "More" and "Go" buttons on this page are so small that you can easily ignore them even if you’re looking for them.


WordPress uses contrasting colors for Download, the most popular link on the page. The red jumped out of the page in a cool gray hue. But the red in the lightness of convergence, to avoid affecting the overall effect of the page.

if you’re hesitant about using contrast, think of the decision as cosmetic. What you need to do is not to make people roar, "look, compare colors," what you need is a natural way to draw attention to what’s important in the page and highlight the existing focus.

2. gradient

The development of

technology provides a variety of tools for creating gradients for anyone who wants to use gradients. But is the gradient really good,



Every page of the

Media Temple site uses gradients, but its moderation and subtlety are key to the success of the design. Logo, headline, >

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