China since ancient times, have to emulate the statement, reference to the successful experience and learn from others. Reference to who, how to refer to, this requires a standard, with an approximate criterion, more easily inductive, but also easy to learn.

these two days in organizing Phoenix before the organization of the Chinese Forum on the top 100 ranking, A5 forum has been a lot of user support, won the forty-eighth ranking results. Although this result is not absolute, but at least represents a standard, see the members of the support and love of the forum. Ranking is a change criteria, can indirectly see the development of the industry as a whole, but also see which opponents are more worthy of learning from.

participation in the selection of activities reflects the strength of the participants.

regardless of the selection activities, there are certain reference standards, and many portals can participate in a selection of activities, in itself reflects a certain strength. In this Chinese forum 100 strong selection activities, you can see many famous forum name, their ranking is in front, for example,, Sohu Tianya forum, and some is not the real forum for having heard it many times, such as network forum, forum, Qintai Pocket Monster BBS, if not the users of such sites, may be less contact them, but in the middle, many well-known forums virtually, we also believe that their strength, subconsciously think these forums are also doing very powerful.

in this contest at the beginning, the author puts forward suggestions, to participate in similar activities, if your site is not famous stage, it should take the help of other well-known forum fame, a website, jinzhuzhechi, invisible also reflects your site’s strength.

‘s participation in the selection reflects a certain user base.

many websites don’t exist independently, they must have their own user groups. Each site will encourage users to support the event and allow more users to vote when participating in a selection event. The number of votes obtained by each participating forum is directly proportional to the user support, and the more support, the higher the votes. For example, ranked twenty-fourth of the 19 floor forum and ranked fifty-seventh in the Xiamen fish community, according to official data, the 19 floor has 5 million registered users, Xiamen fish has 430 thousand registered users, this disparity is also reflected in the rankings on the digital forum. Of course, the number of registered members does not reflect the level of the forum. It is only an indirect standard.

is a forum to participate in the contest, under normal circumstances, the user will actively support, from the number of votes in support of view, generally can see the support of a forum for the popularity and users, this data is not very accurate, but there is a certain reference value. The website participates in certain selection activity, also be the user base that examines a forum, can roughly calculate a forum "hardcore" user circumstance.


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