algorithm 2 Baidu to further suppress Scindapsus the importance of the chain, this is bad news for a lot before optimization personnel, many owners have begun to honestly do station, but do station can have the effect? Xiaobian tell you today, the station can also ask for the moon! The following small combine personal experience for everyone in detail: how to through the station optimization a 20~30 word index in half a month to do three.

, first of all, make sure that all the data presented in this article is true, designed to give the webmaster a little experience. Cut the conversation short and we get to the point.

small in June this year, the entry of a new company to do SEO optimization task received a new station at the station, almost no weight, no word row on the home page, the content is collected, the situation is very bad, so small after analysis chose "the training software" of the word, for the following reasons:

1, this word has index (have index search talents, Baidu weight can go up, after all, and others change friends chain or see data)

2, the difficulty is moderate (20~30 looks like, competition is not fierce, and Nanjing region search most people)

since the choice of words, small set began to write in the station, hair outside the chain, change friends chain and other boring work. Of course, the focus is on the station, and today’s emphasis on sharing:

is the first to emphasize is that Baidu is not a charity, he needs to profit, need to provide something to the user, so you can make up the target word, largely depends on your site content is not the search people want.

so with this idea, we look at how the word of the software training? Xiaobian through analysis found that the word "general search Dahne software training" of the people most want to know the content is: curriculum, and training expense, it is easy to work, it recommended the employment etc. the problem, so I stood in the headlines around these aspects of writing. As shown:

OK! Through the screenshot, you can see, Xiao Bian update headlines are written around those points, search through the word click through, you can get the desired information for the first time. Subdivided into each article, I also completely original, around the article theme to write, appropriate into marketing words. When you are in the station, the article is the real needs of users, Baidu what reason does not raise your ranking up? (Baidu powerful database is able to identify content relevance)

The results show:

has just received a small station, the word "Dahne software training" floating in more than 60, a week back to the second page 13, after rising to 9, then rose very surprise to second, although there were several floating, but now has been steadily discharged in second, after a total of less than 1 months time, ""

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