goods transit network on June 3rd issued a "regional O2O is sinking, the local community forum will usher in new opportunities for" one article, which referred to the local community forum Hangzhou 19 Building recently completed a $60 million financing; in O2O development is a downward trend under the background of regional and local communities on the altar by virtue of the local market understanding. Create a community atmosphere and make users form a sense of belonging, ushered in new opportunities for the development of O2O. As a typical representative of the local community forum, Hangzhou 19 floor is not known to many people, but regardless of all considerations, Hangzhou 19 floor is called a very good enterprise. In this paper, the transit network it achieved as much rendering, to objectively reflect the development of the.

1, basic information

Hangzhou 19 floor website on-line in 2001, but it was not until October 2006 formally established, the company operated. To this day, the 19 floor of Hangzhou has become China’s most influential local living service community. The website information covers all kinds of local life services, such as real estate, automobile, home, information, dating, medical care, baby care and so on. From the beginning of 2009, Hangzhou 19 Building began to expand to other cities in Zhejiang Province, in 2010 began to expand outwards Province, by the end of May 2013, the 19 floor or through direct way of cooperation covered about 40 of the city.


two, profit way

Hangzhou 19 floor takes UGC (user production content) way, encourages the user to provide and discuss the local life service related information and the topic. Income from the 19 floor consists of three parts:

1) interactive advertising. Interactive advertising is the main source of income of the 19 floor, divided into the brand advertising and local lifestyle advertising, 19 buildings and hundreds of national brand customers to establish cooperation, but on the whole, catering, hairdressing, car, etc. Home Furnishing advertising gradually become the dominant life. 19 floor through online display and offline organization activities (such as Wedding Expo, home fair, etc.) to promote the brand out.

2) sales breakdown. 70% users in Hangzhou 19 floor for women, with the socialization of the electricity supplier to take the heat, the 19 floor in the second half of 2012 on the line "I love online shopping", by giving Taobao import traffic to earn part of the Commission, at present this part of the revenue accounted for about 10%.

3) community platform licensing revenue. 19 floor in May 2011 developed a set of SBS social network information platform, through authorized use way can obtain certain income, at present this part of the business accounted for less than 5%. In 2007, the income of the 19 floor was 5 million; in 2009, the income of the 19 floor was over 35 million yuan; in 2011, the 19 floor achieved operating income of 96 million yuan; in 2012, it was about 140 million yuan.

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