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website in China since the popular wind, Wangzhuan has become a very hot topic, how to do Wangzhuan? How to make money? This is many webmaster friends asked questions, and want to know the problem. There are a lot of Wangzhuan mode, do stand group is one of them, do station group, can enlarge the flow, imagine a station three hundred or four hundred traffic, if 10 stations that at least five thousand of the traffic, if it is 50, 100 stations, so traffic is huge, and this what brings you interest is maximum.

station group how to profit? There are many ways to sell or sell links, stand to make money, many owners are already doing this, but the income is objective, how to do? If you use the station to make money, we will continue to introduce, before the station group, we want to solve a problem. That is the station group selected server IP problems, to avoid similar, because intensive site similarity is too high, it is easy to be caught cheating on search engines, resulting website was K phenomenon.

so, unlimited professional type scheme here have to recommend the IXWebHosting host, ixwebhosting Unlimited Professional host provides 15 independent IP, a host account for 15 sites, the cost is very low, and they also donated 3 free domain name, support unlimited traffic, infinite domain, and the other host to do station group is not ixwebhosting big advantage.

independent IP of other hosts is typically $2.5 a month, and only ixwebhosting can find a shared host with 15 separate IP, which is specifically for the station group. Because we don’t have to pay too much attention to the amount of traffic, so the speed is OK, so ixwebhosting is enough. If you have high speed requirements, you can also consider HostEase, which is the fastest American host I’ve ever used, but it costs more.

now, a lot of people Wangzhuan experience is put Google Union, Baidu alliance to make money, this money is very not easy, when your site traffic is very large, so the site can bring good income to you, and now the visitors will rarely click on the ads also code. And if your traffic is too large and too high click rate, can easily be Google, Baidu for the title, a word, that what is not normal, using this method to make money is probably not so easy.

station group, it is easy to do more, but also very convenient, unlimited hosts using IX plus, to solve the difficulties of selecting the server IP, reduces the occurrence of the phenomenon of K search engine, so do station group is more appropriate.

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