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forum has been more than a year, has been in a jar half-dead state, for the record of the turmoil was shut down for 1 months, has not how to management, but still let him there, because I believe there is a chance, just as people have the opportunity to live, an active and loyal member may save a jar, this is very possible oh, we posted on the Yuyao forum from the previous less than 20 broke through the posting date now more than 500, while in the eyes of many people still look very small, I also feel less, but at the moment still achieved a breakthrough, of course there is a long road ahead, we will continue to work hard.

here and share my own to have some insights from 0 to operate local forum Yuyao Forum: we create the most warm shoulder the most harmonious network community for the Yuyao young people’s mission, we are moving in this direction in the effort. In order to develop better, I would like to say something about what must be done in the current development situation:

1: to ensure that the number of postings per day, any visitor through a link into a web site, first of all, the first impression must be the number of postings today, this representative is whether the forum in the exchange of visits.

2: to ensure the daily have fresh topic of discussion, a special forum is our places of this kind of exchange forum, what attracts people, do not say other aspects, one is the quality of posts, and can make one topic of discussion, if not for tourists, we are active in the sub member of the altar is also. There must be a topic for discussion, so in order to promote the post.

3: to ensure the daily meaningful issue does not exist zero reply, each registered forum, people want to be taken seriously, will be the first time in a strange environment, people can feel warm, sincere, honest, treat each member of a registered, let him feel the warmth of home. Other than by registered Yuyao local forum better, so he may be here to stay.

4: the wine is also afraid of deep alley alone, so we just created a jar, not fame is not popular, so we can’t wait for people to, so can only be neglected, every day, a few people patronize, is not regular, is the basic one-time guest, so what can we do, we it depends on their own strength, and not on the day we have to rely on, their efforts to publicize the first course is introduced to friends and colleagues, such as friends ask you what’s going on, you said I was recently in Yuyao forum play. You can come and see it when you have time, and then introduce him to QQ when he is a friend, then he will register, and then you may become an active member of the jar through your efforts. If you work in the past in your colleagues to see what, I look at the Yuyao forum is the new forum ah, oh, there are our peers in exchange, I suggest you have to look at Oh, friends, so maybe he will be you here, and you.

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