if you go to promote a website, so the promotion of forum estimates will be listed as the focus of most people, there are two reasons, one is SEO, the chain, in order to drainage and the right, the other one is our target customers in the relevant forum relatively concentrated, make our the promotion effect is maximized, so if you want to be responsible for the operation of the site is an industry forum or a local forum, how do you do


city is often asked: "I want to do XX forum, but how should design the plate and how to do promotion ah, how can gather more users and keep the forum atmosphere and so on, then today he wrote a long empty article to give friends a way to reassure. In this forum do not talk about positioning, just talk about the operation of the forum.

a, plate design,

1. is coarse and fine,

I have seen a lot of people in the

forum, the forum at the beginning of the design is divided into dozens of plates, feeling very fine points, can help users quickly find what they want to post the plate, actually this is not wise, unless like Mou Changqing in a field of very large appeal people to do the forum in general, a forum at the beginning of the line even by some promotional registered users are also less poor, subdivided into every section of fewer people, if I come here to find the new post or send me yesterday, so I would not come again tomorrow. Therefore, the correct approach is to first divide a few large plates, and later users more, and then down.

2. has industry solutions or provides quality services

Take the

SEO forum for example, must have SEO questions or site diagnosis of the plate, only to help users solve the problem, to keep the user, the user can bring new users, any industry can not underestimate the word-of-mouth marketing, this is the forum to a decisive factor of bigger and stronger.

3. is distinct, and the plates are diverse,

each forum has its own characteristics, and this characteristic is its survival value, do the forum must underline the plate, which means that your target users are most interested in the plate, and then the auxiliary secondary sector, its main role is to attract some industry people to post. And have some leisure activities, although the forum is a good place to study, but not the school.

two, forum management,

The division of

1. user groups

believe that friends are familiar with the corresponding user groups with different posting privileges, if there is no limit to this, then quickly forum will become the chain of the cemetery, because the user experience not to raise the difficulty today, the hair of the chain you gave me the title, tomorrow I apply for a the new numbers continue to send, repeat, not only a waste of time also destroyed the administrator of the forum, learning atmosphere.

2. integral >

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