just saw the notification of domain name management yesterday, and the 1 yuan CN domain name will live until 2008.12.31 a.m., looking back on how many websites you’ve made in your life,


has just entered Wangzhuan circle often hear predecessors say " garbage station, do regular station or burn " can be understood as the normal station less money, the cycle is long, slow. A lot of hard personal webmaster may have deep understanding, our hard work of small websites every day to update, but always so hundreds of people visit. Hang GG every day, only poor half dollar knife income.

but do garbage station is not the same, when 07 years of strongman first acquisition of a garbage article, then collecting some traffic (this is generally to keyword keyword 51.la backstage grab those not to set a password and then realize the statistical information) these keywords then insert the title and content with the program, and so the bulk copy to the hundreds of dozens of stations, such as Sina Baidu to grab the frequent blog link (07 years Sina message can directly use link form, then no luck) Baidu two day collection, also said the 2 hours included. The most that I ‘ve ever seen a dumpster day 20W traffic, as he has done many I am not very clear, it is hung to try again, the search engine has been called rape and rape! Such a short time until the death of the Firefox to earn it should have more than 50 to W, the 50W should just Firefox’s income. This super garbage flows that 07 years after the October revolution, Baidu began to decline, to 08 at the beginning of this method basically does not work, but then Knight pan domain, garbage station builder methods like love polymerization are unique in the flow is also very fierce, but the advantages of this thing is their use can barely hold for a period of time the disadvantage is, as long as the nachulaimai, the number of people who use Baidu immediately K software, as for how K I don’t know, but Baidu engineers are not vegetarian, nachulaimai things don’t k you fired! So glorious station again 08 years into the past, only in this section I words to recall his past glory, that make people see this section should be feeling a lot of his memoirs.

According to the

traffic and garbage station gradually weak when collecting forum also resorted to some effort to support the last recession station industry, smart webmaster know that Baidu can identify relevant title and article, can not be inserted at random irrelevant keywords, so they turn to the crazy Collection Forum, they believe in the forum the posts are not included and Baidu after the original degree is high, so instead of collecting the theme of the forum, the theme of each collection do over hundreds of stations, also can get some traffic and a lot of high degree of the original Baidu included, each station every day from Baidu, GG ten eight flow, a good point of the hundreds, but they to win, I do a good job of hundreds of station >

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