with the popularization of computer and network, the local community site now has a good basis for the masses, so if the operation method is proper, it can create decent profits, data show that the local community website now a lot of profit the size of more than one hundred thousand yuan or more, some even more than one million yuan the local county community, potential visible or very large


local community website operation key is for the local user appeal, and in the surrounding areas of the absorption of users, and scattered throughout the country to work or business people’s attention, on the one hand to the user group continued to expand, on the other hand, the cultural content through the characteristics of the people of the county around the country to gather in the local community website, and all this, in addition to the design and optimization of the website, through efficient offline activities, is also very important. The following I will talk about the county community website how to build efficient offline activities of the three steps!


one: offline activities planning

must first understand the distribution characteristics of their member County local community website, from scattered throughout the member, or the local users, and then combined with the distribution of membership, to develop targeted planning activities, such as the characteristics of the local users, we can plan the local user to local picnic usually, especially during the spring and autumn season two, members of the organization to be able to get everyone’s barbeque and response! On holidays, a lot of drift of users throughout the country will return home, at this time we plan welcoming dinner, karaoke and so on, it will attract members of good friendship established by local communities are.

What kind of

to carry out specific activities under the line, should conduct detailed planning, otherwise there may be activities after not members of the response, or improper activities, will also cause the station become suckers, money not return! So before activities in carry out the line, can not rashly please, or a professional planning company, or by the local community website to the polls, such activities will have a mass base, can only be successful activities and lay a solid foundation.

two: the boot and immediate play of offline activity

in the community website, whether it is the official website to carry out the activities under the line or members themselves to carry out activities under the line, need to guide the site responsible person, general webmaster itself, unless your site is large in scale and have their own staff, it can let their subordinates to organize the relevant activities under the line.

in the process of activities, no less than the cost of the problem, if the site is strong, it can also pull some sponsorship fee to help solve the problem of funding activities, if the strength is not strong, it should take the initiative to share some of the costs, then charge a fixed fee and the membership and membership, of course charge, should live in.

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