hot news multi angle hype

when a sudden event occurs, many local portals will be reprinted to maintain a certain search rate and exposure. But the fact is that, in the face of a sudden and influential public events, in order to improve the visibility of local portals, we must make speculation from another angle. For some negative news speculation, should pay attention to play a guiding role in news events for a positive, negative news events through a comprehensive analysis to find desirable positive publicity, then the system of press speculation, can often play a greater publicity effect. As for the positive public events, it needs the website to carry on the thorough and deep study report, and stand out from many same news event reports, so as to realize the goal of "slight speculation". But if there is no such influential news events, local portal site how to hype it? It can start from the positioning of the site, to engage in an eye-catching but also gives users a practical activity to ongoing speculation reported. Of course, the topics of these speculation should be news and universality, so that we can really achieve the purpose of speculation. The local portal site to realize fair and complete, high-quality information service function, it must base on reality and do some combination of news hype events, the best choice is related to people’s livelihood event, better effect. But all the hype must have boundaries and principles, otherwise it will be more harm than good.

creates an orderly and fair network of speakers,

now the local portal site is too much, to the portal in talent shows itself from the mass, become one of the best and obtain the corresponding revenue is more difficult, but this does not mean that there is no space for the development of local portal. For the public, what kind of Web site, what kind of website to find, solve the problem is their concern. The local portal portal functionality can be achieved, in addition to local news and information powerful, for the public to create a good and orderly fair network statement, it is able to attract local customers on the internet. But this speech is managed, can speak freely, but must not be undisciplined, can one, but not a local portal site, set up public opinion is very important, which is conducive to play its mouthpiece role, but also closely with the government, the masses do close friends, spread the image of the government network the local portal platform, so we can really play the role of communication, really set up their local public influence. In order to realize the long-term sustainable development of local gateway, it is necessary to increase its website operation revenue. Therefore, in the process of website operation, we must deal with the relationship between customer and content. Not only fair, fair and pragmatic, do a good job in the content of local portal website manufacturing, but also good service advertising, merchants and other customers, to protect their interests.

draw up a long-term development plan,

every local web site should make a long term

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