with the rapid development of the Internet, the station is no longer what happens, network construction companies from fast growing into mature period, and even a sign of recession, how to keep their market share, to win lasting development is many site of the company is thinking of the problem. I have worked in the Internet industry for many years. Today I would like to talk briefly about how the company will achieve sustained development and what will be the bright future?

Internet speed faster than we think much, now that is no longer ignorant of the times, as long as you can surf the net just to find a classified information website can solve the network construction problem, and the price is cheaper, resulting in the loss of a large number of customer network construction company. Network construction company there is a problem that is the site of long production cycle, the tail section. These two reasons lead to the overall performance of the company’s decline, the development is in the doldrums. Net construction company has one of the biggest drawbacks: the overall salary of employees is low, large turnover of personnel, which is one of the reasons for the loss of customers.

comprehensive analysis, if the construction company can solve the above problems, improve performance and win long-term development, it should not be difficult. I think the net construction company should deal with the above problems from three aspects.

1. upgrade professional level

called "a move, want to take a day" in an invincible position to improve their professional level, no matter what the industry is the enterprise survival as long as enough professional capital. Now the site of the company how to let customers choose innumerable, you? The answer is professional enough! If you can solve the problem about the customer station side, so customers have what reason not to choose your


to improve the professional degree should start from several aspects: first, professional training, whether the sale or service should be on the links of the process well, can improve employee’s coping ability through simulation exercises, and found all kinds of problems that may be encountered in the process of establishment from, ready to respond, for the second, industry data collection possible period of want or need;, each industry has its own characteristics to build network, through the collection of information industry can make us more understanding of the industry, not only to enhance their professional capabilities, can be closer to the customer distance; finally, to expand the network construction around the business, website is not only the site, including domain name purchase, server rental, many of these network construction the company has already covered, but these are not enough, and the network construction all business related are our scope, such as advertising design, Website Optimization Website optimization, especially is a necessary way of network marketing over others is very unwise, sometimes resulting in the domain name, space transfer, the loss of customers, expand its business not only to expand the scope of business, but also can promote our professional degree, to attract customers.

2. optimize network construction process

a lot of network construction companies in the list of the operation process there are some problems, and these problems often lead to site time extension, net construction time once exceeded expectations, want to >

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