only home, I believe that many webmaster have such experience, indeed, in the webmaster nets, the laggards ah, people often ask this question, of course I also once asked where, but I told you I never find a solution. You want to ask is not master it, of course not, but each station is not the same as other methods are not necessarily suitable for you, so you have the same problem, or rely on their brains to find the reason, they stand their most clearly, what changes ah, ah collection etc..

well do not say nonsense, I see no reason to solve the home page, briefly introduce my station, almost two months and is not included, with WWW, WWW is three months included (not included don’t always close. Ha ha) after received another channel page, a total of two pages, the two page has lasted more than a month, every two or three days to update Baidu home page is no other pages, you said not depressed, this period is due to the use of the virtual host, can not see the log, looking for a business space many times, is said to have this function, but I can only say that it is not, the space junk, but then I do not know how suddenly found a web log, well, think you can see the problem from the inside, who know the web log normal display. So I had to settle down and think about it. I summed up all aspects of the website:

1, check the site log, you can see some of the site’s problems, but the site log normal;

2, there are included that the domain name is no problem, not to consider this;

3, the site did not cheat, not excessive optimization, can only be said to be rookie level optimization, of course, there will be no problem;

4, most of the content of the site is reproduced, but not acquisition, that is, not to collect it;

5, the site outside the chain also do some, other search included normal;

but open my Baidu snapshot page, display the website structure is not normal, some local display events, but not in the browser, the website will not be structural problems, with this question I decided on the website, so just do it, it is only a very template. Soon, there is no death, can not find the chain link, the original address has not changed, this is very important, otherwise you will not change better, but worse. After revision, only wait, two days later, when I again site, let me excited things happen, included into 102 pages, and Baidu finally released, in the heart not a burst of joy. Said to include the following 102 pages, the home page and several column pages and articles after the revision of the snapshot, you can see that this is the result of revision. As a result, Baidu finally included my other pages, although only more than 100 pages, but a start. In this, my station revision, Baidu began to include, in addition to the other pages of the home page, is it the result of revision, or maybe just Baidu >?

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