what is the vitality of the site? I would like to say what is the vitality of the site, I think life is the source of power, is to promote the better development of the site. Specific to the form of expression is how to better attract users, improve traffic and bring profits, which should be studied from the user’s browsing needs and how to meet this demand. Those who leave these basic things, and talk about the surface of the site, content, forms are empty talk.

The progress of

TV and the change of user’s habit of watching TV are basically because of the change of user’s demand. When the Internet was just beginning, users didn’t have any special purpose on the Internet. Just like when they just started to have TV, they just looked at a few websites (the portal appeared at this time, they had everything). Later, people slowly began to have higher requirements, I hope to see you want to see, because the knowledge structure of interest each person’s hobbies are not the same, so the main contents of the website also began to learn the news, subdivision, shopping, entertainment, commercial, tools, games, and seeking to communicate AC, fresh and exciting. (industry professional website website began to appear) now website subdivision is not enough, can according to their own advantages in the subdivision and then some effort, in fact, as long as in any segments of a boss, success is not far away from you.

website vitality lies in the form and not in the form, because different time, user needs are different, as long as you can go with the time to meet the needs of users, the site will have vitality. In the end, the website is built by people and maintained by people. It is updated, developed and changed by people. Basically, the vitality of the website lies in the business philosophy of the website operators. Whether the industry, the network, the user’s psychological changes are very keen insight, and then adjust the content and structure of the site in a timely manner to adapt to this change, to meet the needs of users.

what has been developed now? I think the Internet has evolved into a "user stickiness" phase. What’s called "Stickiness" is the loyalty, commitment and habit of the user.

: This is the website of the loyalty is the most important, most lack of loyalty to the website, users, users loyalty to the website, this is perhaps the garbage station is considered the main reason there is no vitality! Webmaster should not be optimistic about the flow rate, PV, and should start from the user experience.

pay: there is a saying "the more you give, the more you loyalty", more and more fire forum is a let you pay the platform, a lot of people bored in the forum, and why they are so fun to pay? It is actually very simple, I often see your reply is, "I posted the power" and "see stick to replies," so at the forum and pay no return, another message, comment, praise, attention can you return. It’s a kind of spiritual listening that has been watched and heard and shut down by an American white-collar survey of urban Internet access

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