When talking to an older Internet user,

said, "if your micro-blog account has 1000 traffic, it’s worth 1000 more traffic than your website.". Some people say that the Internet will move toward integration open direction, that is to say, the future of the platform is the sharing of resources, such as Sina, micro-blog and micro-blog have set up Tencent into perfect platform, we must make good use of small sites to know there is no ability to build a similar platform, that will only face failure. And now that the platform is available, how can we use


remember, in early 2010, when micro-blog began to gradually hot, there are pioneers using micro-blog platform for marketing, the most impressive is Cai Wensheng’s micro-blog marketing. The first is to send 16 iPad requirements, at the appointed time in grassroots webmaster over a million fans can receive a iPad, the activities of forwarding and comment are respectively 518 and 438, but also from the micro-blog marketing, more and more owners know the angel investor Cai Wensheng, the number of fans began to increase. To the Second World Cup quiz results out of 32 iPhone4, the micro-blog marketing has been unprecedented attention, broadcast forwarding and comments (40099) (43662) the number has reached an unprecedented number, far more than the first marketing activities. Also through the two micro-blog marketing, Cai Wensheng’s micro-blog fans number of rapid growth reached (3241115), is the Internet heavyweights, micro-blog fans most people. Cai Zongshen was micro-blog power, micro-blog also opened a marketing campaign.

so, more and more websites begin to pay close attention to micro-blog sale, a lot of websites regard micro-blog sale as the important position of network sale, strive for user through micro-blog. At present, in micro-blog can be seen everywhere forwarding ceremony, micro-blog sweepstakes and other activities, businesses by sending things to fight for their potential users, through the free experience to retain the target users. And, as the micro-blog platform is perfected, it’s easier for websites and businesses to organize events, and how do ordinary sites sell themselves?

if you are a e-commerce site, you can try to send products. See the excellent fence in micro-blog in a flowers online ordering platform, "organized by one hundred thousand yuan in cash and flowers giveaway sweepstakes, let potential target users free experience site products and services, the development of potential users into web site users. The electronic commerce website, has its own products, can learn and experience the www.1608.cn organization to send flowers net web service, only the user to understand your products will use your product. In many promotion, can see free experience, let the user free experience once your products and services, to your product understanding, will in the future develop into intention customers, become target customers. As a good fence, because the target user does not have obvious geographical characteristics, not easy to organize experience activities under the line, just through the micro-blog platform, radiation to the target user, so as to improve their visibility, establish their own brand image.


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