himself has been a local forum for 5 years, from 2007 until now, when local forums were not so rampant. The biggest feeling for 5 years is that if you don’t have the time and energy, don’t be a local forum. Don’t spray your personal opinions.

1: times change. Micro-blog, WeChat, post bar, and the impact of the mobile internet. Interest in the forum is getting lower and lower. For the small people like us. We can’t accept the complexity of the forum. More inclined to like the stick micro-blog, such a simple operation of things.

2: technical non-compliance. The same forum has nothing new. If you don’t have technology, you’d better not be a forum. Can you develop a practical mobile client? Although there are free clients on the Internet now. But it’s rubbish with a mobile phone terminal. Now that we post that place, every day through the mobile client sign in, there are 500 people. Half a day’s post is issued by the mobile client.

3: lack of personal energy. Local forums need to work with local businesses. Regular organization, local, offline activities in order to gather popularity. Do you have so much time for your part-time job,


4: create a forum atmosphere. Personally feel that the forum is one of the most difficult sites for all web sites. Unlike information stations, Baidu included to traffic on it. Not only do you have to spend time organizing content. It takes time to create an atmosphere. If you send an article, there is no answer at all. Others did not think it would be popular here.

5: Web content acquisition more difficult. Previously, as long as the content, Baidu will be included and bring traffic. But now Baidu does not like the content of the reprint. The demand for content is getting higher and higher. You are an individual. How can you organize content if you don’t have the time?.

6: personal policy risk you can afford? May you website development, real network for you to drink tea. The status of the forum has not been decided yet. What need special record? Maybe someday you lay results cast to waste.

recently saw a lot of people buy a domain name, hang a space, began operating their own local websites. I want to say, wake up. Times are different. Better to work well than waste time on it. Wouldn’t it be better to organize a team to make money,


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