although not a senior operating personnel, but since F600 took over the business network operators, Baidu F600 business network weights nearly half a year’s time has been maintained at 2, did not expect the recent Baidu weight fell to 1, which I have to seriously, what is the reason causing Baidu weight down, I the investigation from the following aspects.


1 and site been demoted to the right


query with site Baidu included, home row in the first place, snapshot is every other day, no found the right to drop the problem. Then Baidu Adsense tools to check Baidu index, index quantity in slow increasing state, this means that Baidu initiative to drop the possibility of lower power.


2, check the chain and Baidu domain is a problem,

?Analysis of

I in Baidu Webmaster Tools query Baidu outside the chain, the chain has been Baidu curve shows fluctuations in a certain value on the quantity and quality of F600 business network chain did not change much, suddenly can not drive the weight down. And then go to domain Baidu, compared to the past few weeks of data, before and after volatility is not obvious. Then exclude this factor led to Baidu weight drop right.

3, check whether the target keywords ranking decreased by

One of the factors that influence

the weight of Baidu keywords ranking is the goal, then a few main keywords I search the website ranking, query results, the main keywords ranking fluctuations, such as small business network, had a larger fluctuation. Preliminary target will be locked in this, the judgment is the target keyword ranking, affecting the weight of Baidu decline.

4, check whether the site traffic fluctuations,

site daily flow fluctuation will affect the Baidu weight decline, so, I seriously looked under the recent site traffic, but the fact is the flow of small fluctuations, so excluding this factor.

5, check the website for some hard attributes, is there a problem,

?We know that

, a web site revision, adjustment of title, the replacement of the main navigation or directory access server is not normal, station group website, with IP site is down right will affect the weight of Baidu, can see, F600 business network although there are some shortcomings of its own, but the most recent period of time remained stable no, there are several problems above, should not be a problem of its own web site.

6, Baidu algorithm adjustment, and external factors,

?Combing the

various factors, I on the third point, because the target keywords ranking decline caused by preliminary judgment of Baidu weight decline also doubt, then look into the external factors, such as a series of combined Baidu pomegranate algorithm, recent Scindapsus algorithm, algorithm 2 is f600> on Scindapsus

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