these days turned under the Tencent in 2012 published a book about product "around you, for you", I could not help feeling, standardized system of whole product design Tencent is very outstanding and excellent user experience, said the doing is leading a little for. A few months ago and had stayed in the Tencent friend chat, he believes that the Tencent’s entire product system is a kind of engineering students way of thinking, through strict formula, calculation, assessment, data to complete, Tencent is to establish a set of engineering students way of thinking of the perfect product system.

The complete set of product standardization system of

Tencent is worth learning, but I’ve been thinking in is — why did not the birth of WeChat under such a set of perfect production system? Why have accumulated hundreds of thousands of users after QQ is still completely indifferent in meters, while WeChat’s birth is unexpected from a letter Zhang Xiaolong sent Ma Huateng mail? If not this mail will not WeChat.

or, if this set of product system to perfect the evaluation system of a seamless heavenly robe, should also be perfect, why in the beginning of the birth of WeChat, but excluded within a Tencent? This exclusion factors excluding people, in fact, can be regarded as the perfect product system for Tencent WeChat out, then the product design system perfect the standard of these big companies Tencent and Baidu Ali under the vulnerability and where? And what is the product of the


saw an article the other day about all the minor details of the product manager’s product design, from all the details of the page structure to the changes, to the full details, and to do very well indeed. But in the end to see what this project is when, suddenly feel very dull, is an out of order project, the products do not know what to do, but every detail has been meticulously marked.

and before I make mistakes and we are working hard as like as two peas, to achieve the ultimate level in the interactive ways, in the process of product requirement specification specification to achieve the most clear, let the program design can be docked more easily and, for the whole project management more efficient, more controllable, but does the product for people scanty no, we expected to arrive.

and I spent more than two years of time through the confusion, I have been very hard to learn, are also trying to find what is the standard answer good products, and I can learn is to optimize the user experience, user group portrait, to do the project management assignment, to continue to meet the needs of users around…… but ultimately these experiences are depends on has a lot of users of the product, and there are large companies supporting the flow of products, their experience is completely beyond the "0" to "1" at the stage of dry matter.

so look back at the standardization of these big companies in the Tencent, the product management philosophy that can be quantified

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